Star Wars: Grey Knights : Book 1 Kad Of The Clone Wars Edit

Episode 1: Prolouge Edit

The tremor shook through the force and it awakened him. He knew what he had to do . He was Darth Rain a Sith lord who had been hiding from both the Jedi and the Sith. He has been looking for a worth apprentice for a very long time and through the tremor he knew where his next apprentice was. He knew it would take at least 5 years to find whom ever it was but he would find him. He had been gathering resources to his side. From Force user to pirates he has been gathering them to his side though politcal gain and greed he has assembled a secret orginaztion named Sith Squad seventeen. He sends his opertives to ever part of the galaxy from Hoth to Tatioone. Darth rain: It won't soon now.

Meanwhile on the planet Teth a new force-user is born. His name is Saber Shan he is born into a slave family whos Slave Master is under-threat from Crime Syndicate named The Lost . The master has hired a Mandalorian bounty hunter by the name of Jaking Kelborn . Even though the attack would not be coming for another 5 years Jaking stayed and Sabers dad by the name of Evran Shan befriend the Mandalorian bounty hunter and they became good friends . Evran trained Saber from the age of three to become a worker and to be kind to all and put others before himself . For his fourth birthaday he got a old family trinket which was a old dusty Hydrospanner but he soon learned how to use it and it proved useful for the upcoming events. On Saber's fifth birthaday the attack came from a group of pirates. Jaking and Evran rallied the slaves to battle the pirates. While the slave master activated defense turrets to battle combat the enemy a old cargo hauler landed along with a Starhopper and a Pirate Saucer landed released a group of mixed species and three assassin droids with two dark coaked figures leading them toward the slave village. Jaking along with Evran some slaves took position in buildings and blocking the main entrance. Both forces stood there staring at both sides waiting for someone to move to attack . The first cloaked figure yelled: Lay down your weapons and surrender your master and your younglings. Jaking Kelborn: We will never surrender. The Figure: Have your way open fire. Just then the defense turrets came online and opened fired on the pirates . Then a sound filled the air that struck fear in the hearts of the slaves the sound of a Lightsaber.

The two figures raise there Lightsabers and deflected the laser bolts back at the turrets exploding them. While at the same time Jaking and Evran opened fire on the Pirates droping to of them but send the figures , a Kaleesh , a Tusken Raider , a Human charged the entrance while Jaking grabbed his VibroSword and his knifes on gauntels. The main figure said: Kahn tell the ships to begin phase two then tell Cryo to excute phase 3 and Ressh and Fe'rag drop the snipers and Opper bring out the heavy cannon and concentrate on the entrance i will take the Mandalorian . jaking charged the figure and enter a duel with him of VibroSword verses Lightsaber. The Kaleesh Ressh started up the building with the first slave sniper on it while Fe'rag opened fire drawing both snipers . Ressh pulled out his vibroswords and cutted into the sniper and Fe killed the other one . While Jaking and the man where battling Jaking brush his knife againest the mans arm angering him which lead to him force push Jaking into the wall of a house. Jaking: Force user i suspected as much i know your kind i fought in the True Mandalorians but your not Jedi your Sith. The Sith: I am Darth Charr now with that done i am afraid are battle is done. Jaking: How so? They looked up as a Naboo yacht lift up from the masters house just then the pirates ship flew over and shot torpedos at the yacht bringing it down on the house on Jaking knocking him out. Now Lord Kahn is walking though the village advancing on Evran opens fire along with two slaves Kahn deflects the bolts back and keeps it up till both slaves are dead and Evran keeps fire till Kahn cuts Evran deep in the chest knocking him on the ground. Kahn using the force to guide him walks into Sabers house .

Saber gets a feeling that someone bad is coming and once he sees kahn walk though the door he screams mommy and his mother comes out from behide Kahn and opens fire on him with a heavy gun . Kahn turns is about to attack her when Saber use his Sonic Hydrospanner on the moisture vent it comes down and knocks out Kahn just then a explosion rocks the house and the roof come down and a droid comes in and Saber tries to twist around to aim his hydrospanner at him but it punch Saber out and kicked Kahn into wake up they both walk out and in to the cargo hauler they lift off with the pirates and Saber and other slave children. Jaking Kelborn awakons and the village is on fire bodys lay astrayed through the streets of the village he saw Evran drifting . Jaking limps over to Evran . Jak: Evran stay with me. Evran: Jak....i'm finished find Saber please find him Jak . Jak: I will a mando never forgots . With this Evran Shan died and was cremated and Jaking took to the stars to on a mission.

Episode 2: Rescue Edit

Saber awoke to chains around his hands and legs and two little boys he recognized From his village as Hes Yist and Till Hito sitting next to him . Saber says "Till and Hes where are we ?" Till replies "I heard one of the guards called The Pirates Ship "The Rib Cage" also I heard that we are at Nal Hutta" Hes Speaks quickly also they have been taking kids back to the front. " Hes adds nerivously "None have return. " Just then the guard a new IG-92 unit painted red and ASP series with KO-8D paint down his leg droid enters then it points at Hes and speaks "That one the master wants." The guard unlocks Hes while the same time Hes is screaming" NOOOOOO!!!" Saber tries to bargain " Please take me instead !" The droid speaks "Do not fear you will be next." IG-92 gave the boy to KO .This time the guard waited at the door starinv at the two prisoners. Saber whispered to Till " I got a plan distracted him. Till nods and then starts Crying out in pain. IG-92 demands "What's wrong with this Fleshling?" Saber replys " He is having a Allergic reaction to the rust on the chains!" IG walks up to Till And then Till jumps on it'' and raps his chains around his leg tripping him. Saber hops on IG's head and punched his head and the glow in his eyes stopped . Saber gets up ands grabs the key hanging on Igs belt Just then the wholewhole ship rocked from a laser blast. The alarm sounded . INCOMING REPUBLIC SHIP.

"Master Forest, Master Wisp we are enaging the pirate ship sir." The Senate captain said. Master Wisp says "Very good captain contact them." On the Moniter a man in a dark cowl appeared. Master forest gasps "Sith." Darth charr sighs " Aw Jedi I was hoping some would cross my path soon." Master Wisp glares and then speaks" We cant let another Sith live after Naboo; Prepare to open fire" Darth Charr eyes go wide and spits out " Wait Master Jedi we have slave children on board." Master Wisp glared at charr. Wisp and finally concedes "Fine prepare all troops for boarding but also contact the jedi council." Meanwhile on The Ribcage Darth charr is preparing for the assualt from the republic . Darth charr announces "Lord kahn you will enage the enemy , Ressh , And the others prepare to transport all the supplies to the ships . They get to work but Lord Kahn lingers. Charr speaks "What is it Lord Kahn." Kahn Fumbles out" Master you expect me kill two jedi master? " Charr Eyes narrows" Yes, kill them and you will be rewarded: However fail me and you will die." Kahn swallows and then leaves his master with C-24 highsinger known as Cryo , KO-8D , and a squad of pirates right behind him. Meanwhile Master Wisp leds Forest and a group of senate commandos through a corrider to the ribcage . They open the door tofind Kahn wait there with the pirates . Kahn growls "Welcome jedi scum and prepare to join the force." Kahn removes his cloak and activates his saberstaff while the jedi do the same. Then Kahn throws his lightsaber at them while he jumped mid over them into the wait shuttle. While the pirates opened fire on the guards and jedi distracking them long enough for kahn to kill the pilots to the shuttle with his force lighting. Wisp deflects the lightsaber and the bolts while forest jumps high to finish off the pirates . With Forest distracked kahn makes his move . First Kahn electrocites the guards force pulls his lightsaber back to him . He charges at wisp and the two start battling . Forest dispatchs the pirates and he looks to see kahn and wisp battling. Forest dispatchs the pirates to see kahn and wisp dueling. He charges at them. Forest: Master! Wisp: Stay back forest . When Wisp turns back around all he sees is a metal fist hitting him in the face . Cryo steps out of the shadows and stands with kahn over wisp . Wisp regain conscence to see kahn stabs him through the abdomen killing him . Forest sees his master die and screams: NOOOOOOOOO. With this Forest charges at kahn to kill him when a blaster bolt hits him in the back . KO-8D steps out of shadows to look at forests body laying there kahn and cryo step over forest to see Saber and till run down the hallway toward them to see kahn and them . Saber: the escape pods are right around this corner to see kahn and cryo , and KO advances on them and activates his plasmathrower to kill them.

Saber and till start backing up while KO-8D advances on them . Saber raise his sonic hydrospanner points at KO and deactivates him . With KO deactivated kahn and cryo start walking toward them to kill them. Kahn twirls his doublesaber around while cryo activates his pin point stun dart system he aims for saber. Saber getting the same feeling before when kahn was about to come in to his house (chapter one) he jumps out of the way but till is not so lucky it hits him and knocks him out . Saber turns and looks at till to make sure he is okay while still backing up into the wall . He raise his sonic hydrospanner and aims at cryo when kahn force grabs it from him .Kahn: No place to run youngling. He raise his saber for the coup de grace unaware that Forest has awakened and has grabbed both his lightsaber and his master's. He activates them and cuts cryo in half . Cryos body hits the floor in pieces a he speaks his finally words . Cryo: . With the end of the infamous bounty hunter Cryo Forest advances on Kahn has turned to see his companion cryo dead he charge at forest and the to enter a duel . While they are battling Saber jumps on kahns back and starts punching him . With kahn distracked by saber Forest cuts kahns saber staff in half then stabs him right through the chest kill him. Forest: Good job kid . Saber: thank you master jedi. J ust then Forest commlink starts buzzing. Pilot: Master Forest you there sir? Forest: Yes, Master Wisp is dead but i have freed one of the slaves I am about to free the other one..... . Saber turns to see what forest is looking at to see Charr holding till with his hand over his mouth and Ressh , Fe'rag and Opper. Forest: Release him . Charr: Not till me and my compainons pass through to are ships. Forest glares at charr and then steps to the side . saber steps back to the wall to find Kahns body laying there with his sonic hydrospanner. He grabs it at while ressh and the other pirates pass through to there ships unaware a Nu-class shuttle is there. Saber taps Forest's leg to show him the hydro . Forest nods his head remembering how it took down KO . When Charr passes by them forest yells now and saber raise his hydrospanner to the lights burning them out while forest jumps at charr both lightsabers in hand . Charr barely raises his saber when forest rains down blows on him . while they are dueling forest comlink rings . Pilot: Sir, we engage the pirates but one of there missiles hit your ship and its blowing up. Right when the pilot finishs it blows leaving the air lock open and sucking kahn and KO's bodies execpt cryos body which was caught behind some box's Forest jumps to a guard pole and saber grabs on to his foot . Charr grabs a pole to still holding on to till . Forest: We have to close the hatch, kid I'm going to throw you up so you can hit the button. Saber: WHAT?!! Forest force pushs saber up and he hits the button and it closes the hatch and everbody hits the floor. Charr gets up first and starts running down the corrider. Forest and saber get up and start runnin gto catch up . When a explodison hits the ships rocking it back and forth. Explodison hits charr and many alarms started ringing . Charr dropped till and got back up and started running again. Another explodison rocked the ship. Pilot: Sir a torpedo from the pirate scaucer has hit the engines you might want to get out of there we are docking at the airlock by you. Forest: Come on kid, where getting out of here. Saber: Not without till . Saber starts running toward till who is trying to get up . Another explodsion hits and a pipe breaks send fuel everwhere causing a fire right before Saber. Forest grabs saber before he can run into the flames toward Till . Forest: Kid the ship is coming apart we have to get out of here i'm sorry butt your friend is most likely dead . Saber start kick and scream try to get to free but forest pulls him into the shuttle. Forest: Take off . The shuttle lifts off right when the ship is pulled into Nal hutta's gravity. Pilot the pirates ships are jumping to hyperspace should we follow. Forest: No, set course for corasant we need to contact the jedi council and tell them about the Sith . Forest turns to look at saber while he is watching the ship crash on Nal hutta.

Unknown to Saber or Master Forest Till is very alive . He got up to see flames everwhere and he hears forest and Saber take off . He made his way into a escape pod. He launched to see the republic shuttle hyperspace . His pod could not get of the gravitional pull so it crashed. A Gas pipe burst during the crash so it let out toxic fumes till tried to open the pods door but failed he sat back down in the chair waiting for his death. Till thought: They left me. They hate me . I HATE THEM !!!!! He screamed and from his anger broke the door open. Till looked amazed as from his anger he broke the door open. He strolled into town and looked around for help . He saw a cantina and found a table. He order as a large Weeqay sat down next to him . Till looked at him as the alien put his gun on till's chest. Alien: Give me your money boy . Till gritted his teeth and spat salavia on the weequys face . Weequy: Stupid boy. The alien prepares to fire when Tills angry broils over unleashs it and he forms his hand into a claw and starts choking him . He lifts alien up againest the wall and breaks his neck. Till looks to see the whole cantina looking at him a few aliens start walking toward him. Just then a sound filled the air a sound till remembers the past few days . The aliens turn to get chopped half by a crimson blade they fall down to reveal a old man and he walks up to till. Till: Get away jedi you have done enough . Man: I am no jedi little one. Man: I saw that you have a rare gift your angry is your power i can help you control it. Man: my name is tyranous accept my offer. Till: Very well mister Tyranous i accept. Tyranous: Very good you will help in masters plans for the future. Tyranous: A War is coming soon and you will be apart of it . Till smiled as he Tyranous walked away to his ship .

Episode 3: Training Edit

The shuttle deactivated hyperspace and the planet giant corasont . Saber looked out the window at the planet. Saber: Wow! Then the shuttle began its desent as it joined the endless line of traffic . The shuttle piloted through the giant skyscappers toward the jedi temple . Forest point to it for saber to see . Forest: That is the jedi temple where you start your training. Saber looked at Forest curiously . Saber: Training Master Forest? Saber learned Forests name during the trip . Forest: Yes, Saber you are strong in the force . Forest: You will be give a master to stude under till you are old enough to became a Jedi knight. Saber noded not really understanding. The shuttle landed and Master forest with Saber walked to find Master windu and Master Yoda waiting for them . Forest bowed while Saber doing the same. Master Forest: Master Yoda , Master Windu . Master Yoda: Master Forest is where Master Wisp. Forest: Sadly master he died on the mission . Master Yoda and Master windu looked at each other . Master Windu: By what? Forest: By a Sith master . Windu: Could this one be the Master or apprentice to the one Obi-wan Kenobi killed? Forest: I don't think so master because there was two there and I killed one but the other one I sensed was stronger . Master Windu: You better come inside to tell us the whole story . Forest and Saber came in to tell the whole jedi council about there tell from the attack on the village to the crash of the Rib cage. Forest: That raps it up masters. The whole council was distressed at this sudden turn of events. Master Yoda : Hmm you are dismissed Master Forest . Master Forest didn't leave but instead said . Forest: What of the boy? Master Windu: He is going to be sent back to his home planet. Saber gasp and says: But masters i have no place to . Windu: That is what the council chooses . Saber starts looking desprate when forest steps in front of him . Forest: I will train him. Yoda: To young are you . Forest: I have just as much as many masters I will train. Master Koon: I concur with Master Forest the boy should be trained . Many other masters agree and finally the Saber gets placed under Forest. Forest lead saber out and the two start training.

Eagle awakes to his first day of training under Sergant Kelborn. Eagle and his squad jogged through the pathways of Tipoca city on the planet kamino. He looked at his identcal team members each one of them looked the same even without the training armor because they where clones of jango fett one the greatest mandalorians of all time. Eagle and his squad met up with the other 5 squads Dice squad, Titan squad , Cloud squad , C4 squad , and Red squad. Jaking kelborn: Now that Jet squad has joined us we can begin . Jaking lead the teams to a training ground. Jaking: Dice and jet battle each other and C4 and titan and finally cloud can battle red . First was C4 and titan . They both head down to it and C4 ambushed titan squad but thanks to titan's leader Thieft the squad pulled through . Jaking: Very good job Titan and C4 next . Dice and Eagles squad Jet squad was next. Eagle leads the squad out of the lift onto the ground as does Dice's leader The two teams attack each other. Dices demolation expert fires a grenade in the air. Eagle gets a strange feeling and tackles his teamate Marty to the ground as the grenade hits the spot where they standing at second ago. Eagle: You alright ? Marty: Yeah just sore. Eagle grabs his large DC-17 and adds in the sniper attachment and runs up one of the high objects and snipies the leader of dice squad knocking him out with there leader down dice squad is easliy picked of one by one . Jaking: Good job Jet squad and good job dice . Air and red where next. cloud and red headed down to the grounds . Cloud earned there name for having rare reflexs to control flight suits. cloud bombards red with blasts from the air as red prepare to pluck there wings when one of the members of cloud gets to low a member of red jumped on his back and pulled out his wing. the member of cloud punched him off with out thinging the member of red fell to his death . Jaking screams: END TRAINING! Jaking rush the member of red to the med bay and the squads leave toward there rooms execpt red which has followed its member back and cloud follows feeling like they have to.

Saber trains for months with Forest learning to use a lightsaber and to use the force in many ways. Finally Saber is ready for the gathering on illum the only planet that has the crystals need to build lightsabers . Saber journeys there along with Master Forest . They landed and walk into the ice temple to find a cave . Forest: You must go in alone to find you crystal and trust me you will know which one it is . Saber goes in and search for hours till finally he sees a bright light in distance. Saber runs to find it not his crystal but Darth Charr ! Darth charr: Well well it seems you have gone a long way sence I had captured you on my ship . Saber start to back as charr activates his lightsaber. He lunges at saber to only hit a rock spilting it in two saber keeps jumping back till he see a bunch of rocks over charr . He pulls out his Sonic Hydrospanner and locks on to the rocks and makes them all come toppling down on charr . Saber walks up to where darth charr lays crush only to see his hand sticking out and it turn into smoke. Saber starts to turn away to see a bright Green light he walks up to it to see a green lightsaber crystal there Saber grabs it and runs back to master forest. Master Forest: Well down Padwan now come back into the shuttle to build your lightsaber. Saber meditates in the forest and evisions his lightsaber and when he opens his eyes he sees it on the floor. He activates his lightsaber to see the Green blade emerge from the hilt. Forest: Good job Saber now time to see if you can use it. Forest activates his own lightsaber and raises it . Saber does the same and two start dueling . During there duel the shuttle commlink starts buzzing Forest and Saber pause and go over to answer it to see Master Windu. Windu: Master Forest you and your padwan must go to the sith planet Zoist we think that sith that attack you and the sith who attack master kenobi will be from there. Forest: Yes master Windu we will leave right now. Master windu bowed and hung up. Forest and saber set course and engaged hyperspace.

Till ran through the course when he stepped on a switch which activated a trap which set out a burst of flames at him. He channeled his rage and unleashed like how Master Tyranous taught him. He raised his hand and sent a powerfull push of power at the flames sending them out. He charged through them when a automatic blaster turret activated and took aim. Till felt it coming and jumped out of the way and the turret opened fire exploding the spot where he was standing at just a few seconds ago. He use the dark side to roll a boulder near the turret to crush the turret. Till keeped running till he saw the exit where he got a burst of speed started running toward it when a electrostaff caught him in the abdomen send him back a few feet. Two Mangaguards advanced toward him spinning there staffs. Till got up winded but not down and recited the sith code . Till: Peace is lie there is only passion. Till: Through passion I gain strength. Till's anger starts to boil. He jumps out of the way of the first mangaguards attack . Till: Through strength I gain power. His angry boils over to ignite his rage and he Force grabs the staff . Till: Through power I gain victory . Till's Rage ignites into White hot fury. He stabs the staff right through the guards chest. Till: THROUGH VICTORY MY CHAINS ARE BROKEN . Till roars and aims his rage right at the other guard. The droid starts grinding and then its entire face caves in and it explodes . Tyranous whos name is also Dooku walks up to till after he has left the course. Dooku: I am most impressed with your abilites apprentice. Till bows and says: I learned it all from your teachings masters. Dooku: Soon my young apprentice you will be sent on your own mission. Till still bowed he grins wondering what mission he will be assigned. Dooku: Come we most return to the base on Mustafar. They headed into the shuttle and left for Mustafar.

Episode 4: History Edit

Master Forest's shuttle the Atlas comes out of hyperspace in the Zoist system. Saber suddenly gets very sick and cold . Saber: Master I feel strange. Forest: It is the Darkside Saber . That only makes saber more sick . They begin there descent and land in a abandoned sith a city . Saber and Forest walk out into the Dark city as they walk through it the dark side became more intsense. Forest: Where almost there. They keep walking till they hear a terriable noise. Forest: Run Saber ! Saber turns around to see Tuk'ata prowling near by look directly at Saber. It charged at Saber who is frozen with fear . Right when it looked like the end of Saber Shan Forest jumped high and buried his two lightsaber into the head of the monster killing . They continue on till they find a ancient Sith library. Forest: This is the place we need to find the history of the sith. Forest activated a Holobook and read the history of the sith. The First Dark jedi landed on Korriban and Zoist they built there citys and palaces. The Dark jedis Names Where: Sorzus Syn, Ajunta Pall , XoXann , Dreypa . They conquered the sith purebloods and created an empire . Later on Markos Ragnos later on became emperor of the sith and after him it passed on to Naga sadow who started the great hyperspace war which end horriably for the sith . Then out of the ash arised the new Immortal Sith emperor who lead the sith into hiding and made there way back to dromund Kaas which they conquered world in the unknown regions till they returned and retook Korriban But before while the sith where in hiding two jedi came to dromund kaas and tried to kill the emperor but failed and where mind contraled to turn to the dark side and they became Darth Revan and Darth Malak . Saber cut in: My great ancestor was named revan I wonder if . Forest: I highly doubt it now let me continue . Revan and malak attack the republic but Revan was turned back to the light. Revan killed malak and journey to battle the sith emperor but his memory was damaged so he didn't know where to start eventually he battled the sith emperor but failed. While this was happing Darth Traya and her followers attacked the republic and they where defeated by the exile. Just then back in the present a loud roar echoed through the building where Saber and Forest where . Jedi come out with hands up.

The voice would not leave so Forest and Saber went outside to see man in a dark cowl on Tuk'ata who had a lightsaber in his handed . Forest: Sith so Zoist is not a waste landed after all . activated his lightsaber and its blue blade shined bright and saber activated his . Just then a whole bunch of Sith jumped down and activated there lightsabers . The one who appeared to be leader charged at Forest who jumped high out his way while Saber force speeded away . Forest came down hard and force hit the ground send all the sith down . Forest activated both his saber and his master sabers and killed most of the sith. One sith grabbed his saber and went to sneak attack forest but he got halfway when saber throw his saber hit the sith in the chest . Forest cut down the rest while saber search them they found a message on the leader it said: The boy will be on zoist bring the boy to me. They went back inside to continue reading . After Darth traya's sith empire everthing went slient for three hundred years till the sith return and retook korriban and many other battles till the treaty of corusant and the cold war began . After this the new sith wars where The brotherhood of darkness took over and after they where killed and Darth Bane's rule of two began . Forest: That is the last record sith history but the jedi know all of it . Saber: Wait master what about this one. It's name was Darth titaus . Saber opened it and readed: Darth Titaus was a dark lord of the sith who left banes rule of two and started a new sith army The Sith Squad 17. Both Saber and Forest looked at each they knew this was the book they where looking for.

Darth titaus had to members Darth Rain and Darth Snake . Snake left Titaus to go off on his own but rain stayed. After awhile his master power growing dim and Rain killed him and took over Sith squad 17 . He hunted and found force sensetives all the members where Darth rain Himself , a sith specialtist in dark side magic named Darth Apocalyspe and his wraths, Darth charr and his apprentice Lord Kahn the only members to attack the Jedi . Darth Necormancer a sith lord whos powers in the dark side are almost as powerful as Darth Rains and Darth Serpent Rain second in command . There are other but these where the main. They have been biding there time waiting for the right time to strike. Darth Titaus before he died said prohecy . That a Sith would arise and he would lead Sith Squad 17 to strike . Most sith believed this part but the next part nobody believed . The sith would turn from the sith and became grey and kill The Sith Squad 17. They where almost finished reading when a flash grenade came in . Forest and Saber looked up to see a man in a Dark cowl standing over them with the book . Forest got up as the Man started to run . Saber was slower to because when the falsh grenado hit he had vision of the man from the book . He saw Darth Rain standing over his armies and a world on fire. He was holding a man by his neck choking him. Rain: Your Grey Knights are Done . Man: You cant destroy them there a idea not a team. Rain: Terror will destroy them good bye Kad Kelborn ! Rain stab the man in the chest killing him . Saber came back to present dizzy to see forest taking off . Saber got up to the forest to see man turn down a alleyway he turned around to see Saber and Forest activating there lightsaber's . The man looked at Forest and saber and raised his hands in the air . Forest: Who are you ? Forest raise his lightsaber toward the man . Man: I am the first of many I am Darth Necormancer. Saber: He was in the book master! Forest: You are underarrest in the name of the galatic republic sith . Necormancer smiled and opened his hand and shot out purple lightining which forest jumped out of the way but saber got hit sending him flying back into a rock knocking him unconscious. Necormancer used force lighting to burn the holobook and started to run away . Forest reactivated his lightsaber and threw it at necor stabbing him right in the back . Forest walk to necormancer to grab his saber he saw that necormancer's body he retrieved his blade while saber awoke . He walked over to his master . Saber: Sorry that the book was destroyed master . Forest: It is fine Saber lets go back to corusant. They head back to the Atlas and set course for corusant. They return to the jedi council annoucing there findings . Windu: So this book talked about your sith but not kenobi's? Yoda: Only Two can there be . Plo koon: Maybe this two other sith where from this sith squad 17 while kenobi's still followed the rule of two? The council could not make up there minds so forest and saber where dismissed. Forest: You have done well saber . Better then most padwans could do facing a sith . Saber: Thank You master . Forest and Saber headed off on there next mission.

Meanwhile on the secret sith world Mordor Darth Necormancer Returns to Darth Rain . Necormancer: The boy was there he has grow strong in the force master. Rain: Good everthing is happening how I forsaw. Necormancer bowed then turned away to leave . Rain: Even your betrayal. Necprmancer froze. Necormancer: My lord you know I would never betray you . Rain: Don't think lies will save you this time . Rain raise his hand and unleash a storm of lighting and necormancer. Necormancer: Arghh! Necormancer was consumed by the lighting turning him into ash. Rain orders his minions to sweep him up put him in a tomb. Rain continue to plan his master plan to capture the boy who would Fufill his masters vision. On Mustafar till was assigned his first mission to kill a Senator by the name of Waque Fon who had infomation on Tyranous . He flew to Alderraan a peaceful world . Till was armed with his lightsaber and a stealth cloak and Verpine blaster. Till was No longer Till Hito he was Agent 77 a agent of the darkside . Agent 77 ran across rooftops till he saw the hotel which at the senator was staying mount his Verpine sniper rifle. aimed at the senators balcony and he shot at the edge of the balcony making enough noise to draw attention . A figure moved out on to the balcony and Agent 77 took the shot killing the figure. Then he saw it was not the senator but one his bodyguards. 77 activated his nightvision goggles to see Fon and his two other bodyguards leaving the room and rushing down toward the garage. Agent 77 jumped off the roof top and entered the garage. Fon's speeder came around the to find 77 blocking the entrance . 77 grabbed his verpine and opened fire . The speeder didn't stop even as the verpine bullet hit the window and it did not break the window only just dented it . 77 opened fire to more times till he had duck to avoid begin hit . While he was under the speeder he stuck a tracer on it. The speeder exited the garage and merged with the traffic. Agent 77 left the hotel and stole a speeder and raced off toward the spaceport where he knew the senator would be there. Fon entered his private shuttle. They entered the ship scan the compartment but it was dark so the bodyguards went first . They entered with guns point while they entered. Guard cap:Clear..... . Agent 77 dropped down and shot one of the guards with his verpine and activated his lightsaber and cutted the captain in half killing him. The senator ran for the exit but stopped short by a powerful force . Agent 77 was reeling him in slowly. 77: My master wants the infomation you have. Fon:I dont know anything I swear ! 77: You are a poor liar now you will answer to my master. 77 takes him back to his ship and leaves completing his mission.

Episode 5: Knighthood Edit

Saber trained under Master Forest for years learning the ways of the force. He went on many mission. Finally he was ready for the trials to become jedi knight. Saber now 18 years old got off The Atlas with Master forest at the jedi temple. They met up with Master Yoda and Master Windu. They walked for along time till they where deep in the jedi temple . Yoda: Padwan continue alone you must . Saber nod and keeped going till he entered a large chamber where the darkside was strong . Saber activated his blade and start twirling it . Searching for his foe . A loud Laugh fills the chamber and Mist starts to swirling around Saber. Saber tries to see out of the mist . Saber: Who's there ? Then a out of nowhere a crimson blade comes out of nowhere and Saber deflects back at who ever threw it . Then a figure comes down atop of Saber with dual crimson blades . Saber barely deflects one o the blades when the figure brings down his other one across sabers arm cutting it bad . Saber gets angry and charges at the figure who disappears back into the mist. Saber tries to find him again when he sneaks attack saber from the back . Saber gets even more angry . Saber roars: Where are you! Voice: I am everwhere he appears and unleashs a storm of purple lighting at saber who grabs it and sends it back at the figure knocking him back a few paces . Wounded the figure growls at saber who is smirking . The figure force push all the fog away clearing the mist . Figure: I am Darth Symbiotic. Saber charges at the figure but only to get force pushed back into a pillar . Saber glares with anger . Symbiotic: Uh uh uh angry is not jedi way . Saber runs at the figure again. The figure laughs and fires a dozen lighting bolts at saber who blocks them with his blade . The lighting swirls around his blade and saber twirls his blade at sends the lighting back at the figure who gets electrocuted . Symbiotic falls down and saber runs up to symbiotic and attacks him . Symbiotic rolls out of the way of sabers attacks which will not let up . Symbiotic gets up and try to unleash more lighting but Saber beats him to it. Saber runs up to Darth and slash his blade across his mask making his mask go flying. Saber Force pushs symbiotic at the wall . Symbiotic groans and stands up barely and turns around to see saber . Saber gasps when he sees his face . It was a copy of his except for the fresh scar across his face . Saber: Who.....are you . I am you but the dark version of you . Symbiotic growls and charges at saber who has barely had time to understand all of it . Saber deflects his attack and returns his attack . Saber knocks one of his blades away and continues and keeps battling till finally Saber cuts off Symbiotic's arm that is holding his remaining blade symbiotic . Symbiotic looks up in shock and Saber cuts him in half. Saber stands over Darths body and finally leaves the chamber . Windu: You have passed your finally test padwan you are now a jedi knight . Saber smiles and Forest leads saber to the council chambers. Saber enters and a is knighted by master yoda and becomes a jedi knight no longer padwan to Master Forest.

Eagle has been training for the passed ten years for this moment. Eagle with his squad where to take the finale test. They where to defeat a guard of assassin droids and climb up a citadel and capture the flag at the top . Eagle's squad entered the turbo lift down to the training grounds . Eagle leads his squad through the grounds while getting shot at to the middle part behind a wall. Eagle: Ok here is the plan . Eagle: Marty you will provide cover while Gorge , Wave and I will climb the Cidital. Marty: sounds fun. The squad plan goes into action. Marty activates his heavy repeating DC-17 . He mows down a few a few assassin droids while Eagle leads the others up to the citadel and they shoot there ascension cables . They get to the top when eagle feels a strange feeling he screams: Down! A rocket hits the ground sending everbody down . Eagle looks up and is surpised . Eagle: Sarge? Jaking kelborn flew in his mandalorian armor . Jak: You have to defeat me to win. Jaking opens fire and hits wave in his chest knocking him out. Jaking shoots more rockets out and one of them catchs Gorge knocking him out for the count. Eagle attechs his cable. Jaking opens fire at eagle when he jumps down Jaking not knowing what happend to eagle . Eagle shoots his cable out and attachs it to the citadel . Jaking kelborn flys down and looks around for eagle and marty opens fire and at jak. Jaking fires a Shock missle at marty who gets knocked out . Jak looks around to find eagle till he realize where he is at he turns around to see eagle firer his DC-17 into jakings jetpack knocking him down . With jaking down eagle runs up to flag and captures it . Droid voice: Training done . Jaking and the rest of the squad gets up and walks over toward eagle . Eagle jumps down with the flag and walks up to jaking . Jaking: Good job eagle and everbody else you and your squad are the first ones to beat me and you have proven that you are ready . Jaking: You are now clone commandos the best of the best .

Agent 77 went on many missions finally he was ready for his finale test. Agent 77 was assign to track down and recruit a Mandalorian by the name of Spar for his master plan. 77 lead a squad of IG assassin droids to talk to the mandalorian . 77 took his custom Porax-38 starfighter while the assassin droid got in a Agressor assault ship . They leave the base on mustafar and set course for Mandalore . 77 and his troops enter the Mandalore system and pilot toward the main planet named after the system . They landed at a camp in the middle of one of the many forest . A group of Mandalorians came out with blast raised . 77 and his team of assassin droids walk arms raised and they threw there weapons down on the ground. Mandalorian: Prepare to be die for trespassing on mandalore ! 77: We have come to discuss a treaty with sparr . The mandalorians lowered the blaster at the sound of spar's name . Then all of the sudden a man walks passed most of the crowd. Clearly this was the leader of them . Man: I am sparr and I do not know you. 77 bowed and said: I speak for my master he wants a treaty with you . Sparr: I don't your master . 77: He is forming a group of different groups together to battle the republic and he wanted the mandalorians on his side. Sparr: Duchess satine leads the new mandalorians . 77: My master knows this he is not wanting them he wants mandalore . Sparr: I am not mandalore . 77: He also knows this he sent me to make you mandalore. Sparr smiles and nods and says: Fine then i will take your master offer . Sparr: All troops to your ships set course for Mandalore the false's camp. 77 hops in his ship and the droids hop in theirs and lift off . Sparr and his troops take off in there gunships. Agent 77 leads the way toward Mandalore's camps . The Mandalorians troopship land and the droid ship lands too. They engaged Mandalores troops while 77 bombs the camp and then sets his ship on autopilot to keep flying around bombing the camp he hops off his ship and lands in the middle of the camp . He lands around a few mandalorians and activates his lightsaber and slash all off them in there weak points in there armors . Sparr leads the mandalorians and the droids cut there way through the camp till they meet back up with 77 . 77: Mandalore's in there with three mandalorians in protecting him . Sparr: I cant offical kill mandalore but you can . Mandalores was looking at entrance and didn't noticed 77 jumping above there tent . 77 busted into there tent and force pushing the mandalorians up in the air and he activated his lightsaber kill his body guards and force pushed mandalore out into the open. Mandalore awoke to find sparr standing over him . Mandalore: Sparr you Charr'karr. Mandalore: You betrayed your mandalore! Sparr: No sir this Dar'jetti did. Mandalore turned to see Agent 77 and walking toward him . Mandalore gets up and raise his blaster to fire at 77 . 77 raises his Verpine shatter rifle and fires and hits Mandalore's blaster out of his hand. Mandalore steps back a few steps and 77 closes the gap between them. 77 stabs Mandalore through the chest killing him . 77 bends down and removes Mandalore the Falses helemet . He hands it to Spar . Spar holds the helemet for a few seconds and then removes his helemet and places Mandalores helemet on his head . Spar: A new mandalore has arose. Spar's troops yelled: ALL HAIL MANDALORE ! 77: All hail Mandalore. Spar: Fenn summon the clans tell them a new mandalore has arose. Spar tells 77: Contact your master I have accept your offer. 77 bowed and walked into the Aggressor and contacts Tyrranous . 77 bows as his master image comes in to view from Geonsis. Tyrranous: Report. 77: Spar has accepted and master . Tyrranous: Well done apprentice . Tyrranous: The Banking Clan , The Trade Federation , and The techno union have accepted my offer as well . Tyrranous: We now have the most powerful droid army ever. 77 smiled . Tyrranous: My Master's plan has gone into motion but a jedi knight by the name of obi-wan kenobi has been caught I have talked to him and he refused by offer . 77: The fool . Tyrranous: Finish your mission by helping Mandalore get more memebers to his cause then come to geonsis I sense the jedi are coming to rescue obi-wan .

77 ends his transmission and meets up with mandalore. 77: My master told me to stay and help recruit memeber to your causes. Spar: You are most welcome to stay my friend we are going to meeting of the clans now . Spar , The man named Fenn , and other mandalorian hope in a speeder along with 77. 77 orders his droids to hop in there ship and activate his and put it on autopilot to meet a random place on mandalore . The speeder took off toward a big mandalore city where they touched down at a big building. They got out of the speedor and walked in to the building. Spar walked into large chamber where a group of mandalorians sat . Sparr lead 77 and the others up to the front of the assembled mandalorians . Spar: I am your new mandalore so follow me to create a new mandalorian legion , The Mandalorians Protectors ! The whole chamber fell into silence. Pre Vizsla of Clan Vizsla spoke up: Are you going to over throw the Duchess Satine who has Converted are brothers and sisters into pacifists? Spar: No I have decide to join Count Dooku and His Confederacy! The whole chamber exploded into shouts of argeement and outrage ! Bel drak leader of clan drak yelled: We should be only loyal to mandalore not Dooku and his rebellion against the republic fails the jedi will exterment us like the true mandalorians! Spar: I believe he will prevail. Pre Vizla: We should reassemble Death watch in my Grandfather Tor vizsla image . Bo katan kryse of clan kryse Agreed with Vizsla and many others did to. Then Claymore Vizsla cousin of Pre Vizsla who had come with him to the gathering: I agree with mandalore we should join this mandalorian protectors. Derick Vizsla brother of Claymore: You betray your clan brother! He activates his Darksaber and charges at Clay activates his darksaber and they battle till clay bests him . Derick: Go to your mandalore. Claymore walks toward spar and pledges his loyalty to sparr and took a number of mandalorians . They left the meeting with a new army of mandalorians working for the CIS. 77 left spar and his protectors and contacted count dooku. Dooku appeared and said: Is it done? 77: Yes my master. Dooku: Good then head for Nal hutta . 77: Why most I go to that wretched planet master ? Dooku: Because there have been reported sights of a Rogue droid set course .

77 disconnected and was angry to go to that planet where he was betrayed by Saber . He set course for it anyway. He and his droids landed in a small village. They qustioned the locals to find that a Rodian by the name of Geez had repaired a droid and it was forced to go and steal money and many other things for Geez . After weeks of stealing stuff for geez the droid was finally able to break free from Geez and mortal wounded him . Geez was put into prison as of the droid he escaped off world. 77 angered that he could not capture the droid then he sets out for Geez's prison. 77 enters the prison and heads for geez's ceil. 77 entered his ceil qustioned geez. 77: Where did you get the droid body ? Geez: I found it in ship in the swamp . 77: Thank you . 77 cuts Geez him half and left to swamp . He heads for a crashed ship in the swamp . He entered and found the body IG-92 . 77 remembering it from his childhood brought it in his ship and repaired it and activated it . IG-92 awoke to see 77 . 92: You, .... I remember you but you where young . 77 glares: Yes I was on board this ship and escaped but I have repaired you and now you are loyal to me. IG-92 processes this infomation and says: Very well sir . 77: But first I have a test for you elimate my assassin droids . IG nods then charges at the droids who are failing to process the situation. IG slash one and stabs the other one and decapates the last one . One of them begin to get up and IG throws his staff into it head. IG-92 and 77 leave Nal Hutta and head for Geonsis. Master Windu and the other council members including Saber and Forest get the message from obi-wan and they leave for geonsis .

Episode 6: The Battle of Geonsis Edit

Master Windu lead over 500 jedi to Geonsis to rescue Two jedi and Senator . Windu confronted Count Dooku a rogue jedi turn leader of a group of Enterprise and a Planets that rebelled againest The republic.  Windu failed to kill dooku and was forced off from the Balcony and landed in the middle of the arena. Many Jedi joined Windu and the others in the arena including Forest and Saber .  Count Dooku Released Hundreds of battle droids to confront the jedi . The jedi engaged them. Saber and Forest dispatched many droids but where eventally over took and where capture and put in a circle with the other jedi who remain from the attack . When all hope seemed lost Master yoda came to rescue with the secret clone army of the republic.  The clones rescue the jedi and Master Forest and Saber hope in One of the Gunships and lifted off.  The gunship to them to where the clones had sent up a group of tanks and heavy artllerey.  Master Forest and Saber ran up to a Clone Captain standing there giving orders to many clones . Forest: Captain we need Troops now .  Captain: Sir yes sir I have two squads  waiting for both of you .  Forest nods and he saber takes command of the two squads .   Forest and Saber leads there troops into battle againest the droids.  Saber Force Pushs the droids to the ground while the clones open fire blasting all of the droids .   After they have dispatched alot of droids Saber gets a strange familiar feeling.  Saber turns to see a shadow figure standing up in a geonsian building .  Saber contacts Forest who has finished off his droid . Saber: Master I have Sensed a sith and I have visual on him here are his coordinates I am entering the building to face him . Forest: No wait for [ static ].  Saber could not understand Forest so lead the clones to face the sith .  Saber and the clones entered a chamber to find the figure standing there waiting for them.  Saber: Sith you are under arrest in the name of the republic !  Figure: I see your as hard headed as ever .  Saber: do I know you ?  Figure: You use to know me I was Till . Saber gasped remembering him from the last time he saw him on the ribcage between them was a wall of fire!  Saber took a step back as Till activated his lightsaber and twirled it preparing for battle.

Till also known as Agent 77 waits for the right moment to attack. Saber still dazed he steps back but the clones prepare to fire .  IG-92 drops down form the ceiling and stabs the clones . Saber gets out of daze and activates his blade and charges at Till .  Saber enters a duel with Till only to get his lightsaber throw away and then till raises his blade to Saber's throat.  Till unaware that a republic gunship is approaching .  Forest yells to the pilot of the gunship to fire missles at till and IG-92 . Till gets blasted away and IG-92 gets caught underneath rocks. Till gets up to see Forest walking toward him as the gunship takes off.  Forest activates his blade while till gets up and does the same. They enter a duel . Forest goes high as till barely blocks it . Till trys to Force Push Forest away but forest simply blocks it and Force pushs Till into the wall. Till looks up to see Forest raising his blade . Meanwhile Saber gets up and see a group of droidekas entering the chamber and taking aim at Forest .  Saber uses the force to make a tons of rocks fall between the droids and Forest he then contacts the clone captain that helped them early he then looks up just in time to see IG-92 sneak up on Forest and strike .  Forest: I regret I couldn't save you I am sorry it had to come to this. Forest is about to kill Till when IG-92 electrocutes Forest making him fall to the ground! Forest looks up to see Till stab him through the chest!  Saber: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Saber charges and Till raises his hand and shoots force lighting at Saber bringing him down.  The droidikas break through the rumble to join up with till and 92 .  Saber awakes to find till standing over him . Till: Prepare to join your master saber droidikas open fire! Just then the clone captain and his gunship flies up and opens fire on the Droidikas destroying them and the wall clsoe by .  Till unleashs a storm of Force lighting at the gunship destroying it but the captain jumps down and blasts the remaining droidika .  IG-92 starts moving toward the captain .  The Captain looks down and sees Master Forest's lightsaber.  IG-92 twirls his staff around and trys to stab Cap . The Captain grabs Forest's saber and blocks 92's attack.  92 surpised by the clones moves with a lightsaber 92 starts to back up only to have his staff cut into and his hand along with it by Cap. Till: You'll die for that . Till grabs his Verpine and raises it toward Cap .  He fired but it only to blast Cap's Rifle away .  Cap raises Forest's blade which Till just force pulled it away .  Till raises his Verpine to kill the Captain .  Captain prepares for his death when he see Saber arise and Force grab his blade .  Till pulls the trigger right when Saber cuts the Verp in half. The verpine shatter rifle explodes in Till's hands.  Till turns right when Saber raises his blade to attack Till.  Till barely raises his own blade when Saber Starts attack fast and unmercyful .  The two enter a duel while the captain and 92 begin battling Till cant keep up with saber and gets his own lightsaber cut in half by Saber. Till gets up and grabs Forest's blade and activates it and prepares to battle Saber . Saber wishing to end the battle looks to see Cap  grab his DC-17 pistal upgrade with a silencer shoot 92 in one of his eyes blasting it .  Saber turns around just in time to see Till running toward him with his master's blade .  Saber simply raise his hand and force push both Till and 92 off of the building through the which the gunship made when it fired it 's guns . Till and 92 land on the ground to see Saber and cap looking down at them preparing to fire at them .  Till growls and unleashs his rage . He use the dark side to make the roof collsape on Saber and The Captain .  Till Grins and then he along with 92 run aways till they see two republic clone troopers on BARC speedors raceing toward them. They open fire only for the bolts to be blocked by Till's Crimson Lightsaber . Till throws his blade at one of the speedor's while he Force chokes the other clone .  After both speedors have lost both of there riders till and 92 take off for one of the trade federations Control ships .  Saber throws the rumble that nearly crushed them off . Captain and Saber stand up to see Till and 92 riding on two speedors toward a canyon .  Saber: Captain, is there any other units where there heading ? Captain: Yes , Four commando Squads , C4 , Red , cloud , Titan .  Captain contacts the squads to warn about the Sith and also contacts a gun ship to come pick them up .

The Squads get the call from Captain and prepare attack the sith .  Till sense the trap while they where 5 klicks away . Till called in a air strike and a Hailfire droid . Till and 92 enter the canyon while the Commando squad Red who was the Bait while Cloud squad would airstrike Till and C4 planted bombs around the path to blow up and titan would provide cover fire . Till rode into the canyon aware of what they had plan .  Red opened fired but Till deflected the bolts back at the squad kill one of there members . Cloud prepare to fire when the Hail fire pulled up by the ravine and blasted rockets at the cloud squad kill the leader and other member. The airstrike came in killed another member of cloud squad and knocking out the last member and bomb titan squad while Till electrocuted the two remaining members .  Till then force grabbed two members of C4 and threw the in path exploding the bombs . The hail fire opened kill another member of C4 . Till and 92 headed off for the trade federation .  They flew through a republic camp bombarding the trade feds ships . Till kill a few troop then heard a loud sound . Till looked up to see one of the trade ships engines explode and the ship come crashing down creating a huge sand storm engulfing both the battle droids and Clone along with Till used the force to guide him while 92 uses his night vision for hiself and they hit the Turbo boost on the speedors taking them high above the sand cloud and right into the docking bay of one the trade federations .  The ship lift up when Till entered the bridge . Till: Whos is incharge ?  A Human in a commander uniform start to approach Till and start to say: I am Comamnder AWWW ! Till slashed his saber across his chest killing him . Till: I'm in charge now and I am Agent 77 of CIS intel now with that done set course for Mustafar.... . The whole ship rocks while a gunship carrying a Very angry jedi knight and A clone captain.  Saber: Pilot aim for the right bridge .  The pilot did as he was told but couldn't open fire because he was under fire from the ship .  The pilot was force to turn away as the ship blasts away toward the CIS fleet . 

Saber and the Captain rode the gunship along with a Clone medic Named Mix back toward where the clone commandos where attacked . They search for clone still alived which was fast with saber pointing out whos alive . They loaded the remaining clone on to the gunship and away toward the medic center . Once the remaining where treated by mix and other medics saber thanked the Captain . Saber: Thank  you for helping me Captain and saving me . Captain: It was my duty sir . Saber: What is your name? Captain: My nickname is Kyl sir . Saber: Well Kyl I hope we see each other again . Saber left for a republic ship where other jedi where at while Kyl checked on the wounded clones .  both of them aware that this was only the the begining of the war . That war is The Clone Wars .  

=== Jaking kelborn Chapter 1 === Edit

Meanwhile on corusant Jaking kelborn is moving on to his next mission .  He was hired by A man by the name Ran Keb who has hired him to find one of the top Members of The Lost his name was commander cutter .  He worked forthe  same group Jak had fought over Ten years Ago on Dantioone and he has a score to settle with Cutter .  Jaking tracked him to a Skyscapper .  Jaking snuck in through the Back in entrance and killed the guards with stun dart and entered .  jaking continued down the corridor dispatching as he kills all the Guards that dare enter the hall .  He stopped till he sees two Trandoshans wait at a door one of them was missing A eye while the other one was fine.  No eye: None can enter to talk Cutter.  Jaking flexs his right glove while he says: Well then I guess he wont want to see me the same person that a gave the scar across the eye . Both Trandoshan whre surpised not only that he was Jaking kelborn but he blast a rocket at them .  The Trandoshans both where blast to atoms and the door along with them . Cutter turned around to see Jaking walking in   .  Cutter: Why if it isnt the little boy who fought a war and lost !  Jak: I am here to remove you from the galaxy .  Cutter: still holding it againest me Eh tsh tsh .   Jaking angry raise his blasters when he hears the floor boards behind him creek .  Jaking: Blast!  Jaking turned around A started to fire but was blast with Lighting .   Jaking fell down knocked out on the ground while the sith who had electrocuted Jak stepped over him and said : Now can I be done and leave .  Cutter: Yes and thank you Lord Nemsis and tell Darth Rain thank you .  Nemsis left while the remaining guards grabbed Jaking and took him to prison .  

Jak awoke to find himself in chains and his Besk'gam gone  .  Cutter came in  whering a part of jaks armor along with a Huge Houk .  Cutter: Well now Jak'ika tell me who hired you ?  Jaking: I will not tell you  Charrkar !  Cutter: Fine then Jak I tried to respect you as a mando brother but now .  The houk walk toward and jak started beating the snout out of him .  Jaking after a hour of Awful punishment finally had time to rest but unknown to Cutter Jak had during the punishment stolen the houks Vibroshive that was on his belt .  Jaking used it to pick the lock for his chains and got up .  He guessed that the guards couldn't see him but only hear him and he guessed right .  Jaking started to make fake noise like him crying out in pain and other Horriable stuff .   After a few minutes of Crying the guards came .  Both of them Blasters raised walked in they saw that jaking was gone ! Jak dropped down and cut one of there throats while the other one jaking stab in the abdomen .  Jaking ran through the hall till he finally made his way into The weapons room .  He found his custom Westar-16 pistols and his custom gaunlets which included A flame thrower , Mini Rockets , And stun darts .  Jaking search the room for his Mandalorian armor but found no trace of it .  He walked out of the room to hear the alarm go off .  Cutter had found Jaking missing and the guards bodys .   Jak saw a group of pirates lead by houk charging toward him .  Jaking grab his pistols and shot a burst of bolts out send two pirates down but the houk still charging toward Jaking but now had a grabbed a Vibro-Ax and let loose a blood curdlying rowr .  Jak turned around and ran into a abandoned work office and sealed the door right when The Houk brought the ax down .   Jaking looked around the office as he knew the door would not hold the brute and the other pirates long .  He saw nothing of interest execept for a large window .  Jak got a idea and set it into motion .  The Houk broke in to see jaking turn around smile in a teasing way and then jump out the window . The Houk ran to the window to see jaking fall into the underworld of corusant then the houk heard a beeping sound and turned around to see a thermal grenado about to go off .  Jaking looked up to see the window which he jumped out off go up in flames .  Jaking maneuvered toward a level 1313 expertly and landed in a market .  He walked out of the market and in to a allyway and contacted Ran Keb .  Jaking: Ran i'm on 1313 can you pick me up Docking bay 3 .  Ran: Okay Jak i'll be right there .  Jak entered bay 3 when Ren's ship The Resistance lands .  The ramp came down and Ran walked down with his personal loading droid and Co-pilot KO-8D .  Jak: Its good to see you Ran......... .  Ran raised his eyebrow and turned around to see A group of CSF landspeedors racing toward them .  Ran pulled out his Rifle while Jaking grabbed his pistols while the speedors circle around ran and jak .  The speedors land and 15 CSF droids emerged holding there blaster aimed for jaking and Ran .  Droid: Drop the Weapons and surrendor to The Lost .  Jaking responds by shooting a rocket at the nearest speedor exploding it .  Jaking and Ren open fire and take downs half of the droids when  a bolt hit Ren right in the back knocking the wind out of him and sending him down on the floor .  Jaking: Ren! Jaking tries to get to Ren to  but gets blast by the unknown Sniper and the 5 remaining droids .  Jaking has to retreat behind some crates as KO comes down the ramp holding some boxs . Ren barely alive manages to say: KO defense system activate protect Jaking !  KO's eye glow red and he drops his boxs and two small holes on his arms open up and a blue flame burst out of one and the other a burst of blaster bolts come out hitting the two speedors remaining blowing them up .  Only one of the police droids remained and Jaking blasted it .  Jaking and KO came to Ren's side .  Jaking: Your going to be alright Ren trust me I won't let you go . Ren: take my......ship and defeat T...he ......Lost .   Ren died right when another blast shot came in bounced off Jak's armor .   Jak turned around to see a man in Mandalorian Armor with sniper rifle bursting a few bolts at Jaking but Jak replys with firing a missle the sniper .  A big blast Engulfs the sniper .  Jaking thinking the snipers dead loads Ren's body in his ship The Resistence and KO boards too .  Jaking enters the bridge right when The Sniper lifted the rubble of Hiself and activates his jetpack blast away .  Jaking: Oh no you don't ! The Resistance blasts away after The Sniper .  The Sniper heads toward traffic but Jaking takes aim with the Turrets mounted on the bottom of The Resist and opens fire .  The Sniper dodges the blasts but fails to notice the blast hit a holoscreen Floating above traffic. The Sniper looks up just in time to manage to dodge the screen but his jetpack gets damaged causing him to crash into a allyway . The resistance lands and Jaking runs down the ramp while the sniper is getting up.  Jaking punchs the sniper to the ground and starts to interrogate him . Jaking: Who hired you and Who are you . Sniper: I am .... Shot Fear of clan Fear I hired to work for the Lost to kill Ren Keb.  Jak: Who is the Lost leader? Shot: Somebody named Maelstrom I..think .   Jaking files the name in his memory and says: Thank you for the infomation now Vode I going to kill you .   Shot: You would not kill a fellow Vode unarmed. Jaking: Here is your rifle now prepare to battle .  Shot grabs his rifle but instead of fight jaking his comlink buzzes and a grappling hook snags on Shot lifting him up to awaiting Mandalorian dropship. Jaking Watchs as shot and the ship disapear into the traffic of the Corusant traffic.  Jaking heads back to The Resistance .  Jaking sees Ren's body laying in the med bay of The Resistance and then he vows to defeat  The Lost and Commander Cutter. Meanwhile back at The Lost HQ Cutter contacts The Lost leader Captain Maelstrom . Maelstrom accepts the incoming call . Cutter: Captain , The Prisoner has escaped but the mandalorian killed Ren Keb but not before telling him your name.  Maelstrom: This is becoming more of problem then I foresaw im sending extra troops to help you. Cutter: But my lord I can deal with this by myself .  Maelstrom: No I am sending the brothers and the tusken raiders .  Cutter groaned in side if he had to send anybody why did it have to be the brothers ?  Cutter prepare his force as Jaking prepare to fight a war againest The Lost in the corusant underworld.

Episode 7: 411 Legion Edit

After The battle of Geonsis  Saber was assigned a clone legion to be under his command during The Clone Wars.  Saber Headed down to the Loading Docks where The 411 Legion was loading there troops .  Saber hopped of the gunship which had took him from the temple to the loading docks . Saber walks toward a Clone Commander who turns around to see Saber . Commander: Its good to See you again General Saber. Saber: Kyl? Kyl: Yes sir I was assigned to the 411 legion after the battle of geonsis .  Saber and Kyl walked up the ramp to one of the Command cruiser and a group of clones where waiting  for them.  Saber: Hello troops I am your new general Saber  Shan .  Five clone step foward and introduced theres selfs.  Clone: My name is Cutlass and I am a the Demo expert of the 411 legion.  Clone 2: My name is Fate and I am the Clone Scout of the 411 legion sir .  Clone 3: I'm Scope the Sniper expert of the 411 legion . Clone 4: I am Captain Calvary and leader of the Phoenix Company the flame divison of The 411 Legion .  Clone 5: I am Admiral Grimlock and I am Second Command of the 411 Legion .  Saber: Nice to meet you all but time is short all troops need to be on board shortly because we have a assignment on Zanbar where a CIS base is. Grimlock and Calvary focus on getting the troops in while Fate , Cutlass , and Scope get the tanks and Fighters loaded Meanwhile Saber and Kyl head toward the Commando squad Rescue Squad.  The commandos where all of the members the squad which Saber and Kyl Rescued on Geonsis after they where attack by Agent 77 of CIS intel. The Commandos introduce there selfs as Thieft, Pryo ,  Zack , and Icon .  Saber: Nice to meet all of you now excuse us.  Kyl and Saber heads toward the Hanger which was begin loaded . Kyl: General we have load your ship The Atlas and Here is your new Astromech Droid U8-TY.  The Blue droid rolled up toward Saber and beeped a greeting while Saber node back at the droid and Kyl along with Saber left as U8 was Put in the Atlas   Kyl and Saber head toward the bridge of the ship .  Saber and Kyl enter the bridge where Grimlock meets them .  Grimlock: Welcome to the bridge of The Strafe General.  Saber nods and walks toward to the window to look out as the cruiser ascends toward the sky . Grimlock: We are jumping toward Zanbar.  Saber nods and stands there looking out at hyperspace and thinking back to Master Forest and how he was killed by Till .  The Strafe leaves hyperspace along with the Golden Sphere , and the Iron but is ambushed by a CIS fleet above Zanbar.  Saber: To your Ships !  Saber heads to the Hanger and hops into his modified Jedi Starfighter The Atlas. Saber Hops in and takes off as the clones take off in there starfighters .  Rescue Squad headed into there Shuttle The Onslaught while Saber's ship The Atlas flies toward a CIS frigate which was advancing toward The Golden Sphere and  Saber flys at the bridge at blast th bridge of it crippling the ship.  Meanwhile on The CIS command Ship The Dread Knight  The Leader of it was none other then Agent 77 .  IG-92 walked up toward Agent 77  and said: Sir , Saber Shan is leading the Assualt . Agent 77 nod already knowing his old nemesis was here leading the charge againest his forces and he was prepared .  The Atlas flew past the Frigate which was begin destroy by The Golden Sphere and headed toward the Dread Knight which was speeding toward the Atlas.  The Onslaught and Kyls ship The Griffen speeded to catch up to the Atlas along with Four Gunships followed behind them .  The Dread Knight opened fire destroying one of the gunships but The Altas flew down The Dread Knight's Trench and blast a few of the turrets. Then he headed toward the Bridge going to blast it but 77's ship The Red Shadow hit it blasting one of The wings on The Atlas sending out of  Control spinning toward Zanbar.  Then IG-92'S ship The Firestorm a Aggressor starfighter flew up from the Dread Knight and Blasts Two of the Gunships Leaving only one gunship and The Griffen ,  The Onslaught .  The Onslaught gets hit by The Chain , and  The Gunship gets hit by The Dread Knight and The Griffens main engine explodes also from A direct hit from The  Aggressor .  The Gunship Explodes Force The Aggressor and The Chain to break off but The Griffen and The Onslaught crash down on Zanbar.

 The Atlas crashs down on a mountain but The Griffen and The Onslaught crashs in a dense forest . Saber hops out of The Atlas along with U8-TY.  Saber: Come on U8 lets try to find Kyl and the Others..... . Four Vulture Droids start a bombing run right at them .  Saber: RUN U8-TY ! U8 activates his jets and flys toward a cave while Saber runs toward a cave as the vulture droids blast at them but missed them and the Atlas .  Saber and U8 stay in the cave as The Vultures fly back toward where The Griffen and The Onslaught . Saber: U8 come on lets see if we can find a village or something . They start off down the mountain. Meanwhile the Commandos and Kyl, Fate , Scope , and Cutlass .  Kyl: Ok heres the plan Fate , Scope , and Cutlass you go scout the permieter and Zack fly up to see if you can see The Atlas or General Shan .  Fate and the others left  to scout ahead while Zack activated his Wingpack and flew up to see the vultures heading for them .  Zack deactivates his Wingpack and landed back down . Zack: INCOMING !!!!  Right after Zack says  this the Vultures swoop down and blast The Onslaught exploding it .   Theift: Pryo fire a grenade at the first vulture you see and Icon provide cover fire .   The Vultures come back down for another run but Pryo blasts a grenade destroying one and damaging the another one and Icon blast the engines of the last one . Meanwhile Fate , Cutlass , and Scope watch as a CIS dropship lands in a large open plain.  Two Atts hover out of the Dropship and out of one the Att a Human opened the hatch and activated his comlink .  Human: Agent 77 I have begun my assault and unloading my forces and will start my search for the jedi. 77: Do not underestimate Saber Shan , Xeye Rax do not fail me or you will die. Xeye: (scared) Yes sir !  Scope: (whisper) We got to take them out im going to try to get a better shot . Scope starts walking when he steps on a twig snapping it. Xeye turns around toward the clones .  Xeye: Clone troopers?! Xeye: Kill them!!   Out from the dropship Two more tanks appear and open fire . Scope: Blast! Scope opens fire as does Fate and Cutlass. Fate: You sure stepped in this time Di'kut ! Scope: Come on lets get back to Kyl so we can regroup .  They take off running as Xeye gives orders for the tanks to break off and stay with the dropship while he heads toward a village. Meanwhile Saber heads into the village . Saber walks through a market when a boy who looked about 12 walked up to him . Boy: Spare some food Mister . Saber grabbed from his belt some credits which flashed his lightsaber .  Saber: Here you go kid .  Saber hands the boy a few credits when a speedor flys by and The boy lunges toward Saber and grabs his lightsaber without Saber knowing. The Boy: Thank you sir. The boy leaves Saber and U8 runs through allyway. U8 beeps at Saber belt. Saber: What the ?  Saber finds his lightsaber missing and realises the boy stole it .  Saber starts running down the allyway with U8-TY on his heels . The boy sees Saber running toward and smiles then starts running back toward the main square unaware that Xeye has drove into town to find  jedi.  The Boy runs into the square with the lightsaber in hand .  The Boys eyes widen when he sees Xeye in his ATT tank .  Xeye sees The Boy along with Saber's lightsaber  and says: A JEDI YOUNGLING?! Xeye: Open fire!  A squad of B1 battle droids open fire and The Boy dodges the bolts and the he jumps incredibly high onto the ATT .  The boy looks at Xeye and says: Got to go but a jedi is right over there .  The boy jumps high off the tank and runs into a abandoned building . Saber force pushs some of the B1s but the tank opens fire sending Saber in a retreat  down the allyway and the B1's advance on him .  The Boy comes blasting out of the building on a beat up Mandalmotors speedorbike blasting away from the tank and Saber .  Saber runs through the allyway as the b1 droids open fire but U8-TY comes around the corner and activates his laser cutter which cuts down all of them .  Saber walks up toward U8 and speaks: Good job U8 now come on lets find that kid before that tank does .  Meanwhile The boy pilots his speedor bike back to his house out far from town . The boy parks his speedor and heads insided. The boy close the door and then studies the blade. Boy: This lightsaber is now the property of Rex Burner! Just then he gets a weird feeling that someone is in the Room . Rex:Whos there ?!  Saber: Hello Rex I believe that you have something of mine . Rex sigh and handed the lightsaber to Saber knowing that Saber could easily take it from him. Saber inspects the lightsaber as he says:  That was very impress for you to trick me easily as you did .  Saber puts the Saber in his belt and says: So impressive that I believe that you might be Jedi material. Rex eyes widen: Really that is awesome!! Rex remembers the lightsaber he took and then says: Sorry I took your lightsaber Mister..... . Saber: Saber Saber Shan. Rex smiles and they both start to head out of the house as a explodsian rocks the house .  Xeye: Jedi come out with your hands on your head. Rex and Saber look at each other wonder what they are going to do. 

Saber and Rex come out with hands raised and they see Xeye there in his tank and A squadron of B1 droids .  Xeye: Put your Lightsaber and Comlink . Saber slow grabs both his lightsaber and his Comlink. Xeye: Now throw your Lightsaber and comm away now.  Saber throws his Saber but he pushs a button on his Comlink without Xeye knowing and then he throws it.  Saber: Now , let us go Xeye ! Xeye gets a buzz from his comlink and its 77.  77: Have you found him yet ?  Xeye: Yes 77 I have and I have him cornered along with a Street Rat from a local town.  77: Kill The Street rat but not Saber I will deal with him Im on my way to your location. Xeye: Yes my lord . He hangs up and then says to the B1: Kill the boy but just stun the jedi. Rex Gasp and Saber moves in front of Rex to block him from the B1's .  Saber: I wont let you harm him now back away !  Xeye: You dont have a choice now stun him! The B1 loads there guns for stun as a Weird noise fill the air. Just then Zack came down from the cloud guns blazing destroying the droids. Saber jumps high and forces grabs his blade back to him and activates them and then he charges at Xeye .  Kyl leads Fate , Scope , and Cutlass to attack from the East as Thieft leads Pyro and Icon from The West.  Rex stands back as The clones and Saber cut through the droids toward Xeye. Xeye's tank takes aim at Saber but Saber simply leapss to the Top of the tank and raises his blade to Xeye's Throat. Xeye stammers as he says: I..I.I surrendor . Saber nods and deactivates his blade just as The Firestorm flys down and bombs Rexs house send all of clones down to the ground along with Rex burner. The Firestorm lands along with The Red shadow also decloaks from its hiding spot also a Cargo Hauler lands .  77 and 92 depart from there ships and start walking toward the clones and Saber,  Rex .  Xeye grabs his Electrostaff and hits saber off his tank and makes the tank speed off toward 77 .  Zack sees Xeye try to escape so he takes off but 77 electrocutes Zack with force lighting making fall to ground knocked out. Xeye pulls up toward 77 and says: Saber is down over there and The street rat is there now i'm leaving on the. 77: So that is the street rat. 77 feels the force in Rex and walks toward him . Saber gets up to see 92 holding Rex and 77 right by him. 92 Heads back to the firestorm and heads with him to the Red shadow. Saber yells to the clones who are just getting up : Save Rex! Just then Xeye's ship The lizard flies toward them kicking up a Dirtstorm blinding all of clones and Saber .  The other two ships take off with Rex in them and Saber watching angerily as they head toward the Dread knight .  As soon as they leave Saber rings from where he threw it . Saber still watching the Firestorm flying away he forces pulls his comlink to hiself .  Admiral Grimlock voice fills the air: Sir we are send a gunship to pick you and we have picked up The Atlas and The Griffen .  Saber: Ok I need you to track the Dread knight . Grimlock: Yes sir .  They hang up as Saber watchs the Dread knight and the other CIS's ship jump to hyperspace with Rex burner. Meanwhile 77 has Rex put in the holding chambers and he heads to his chambers and calls count dooku . Dooku answer and gets right to the point. Dooku: Did you get the boy I told you about? 77: Yes master he is in a cell and i am head for the base on Mustafar. Dooku: Good I am send more force to join Your battlion on mustafar and as of now your Legion will be know as the Anarchy Legion . 77: I am honored master. Dooku: Also to senators are at the base right now they are Hemol Eal , and Uyl Yol also I have sent your new Tactical Droid and a protype Battle Titan droid ,  and a squadron of Droid commandos and a Medic droid.  77: Thank you master. Dooku: I am also sending three members from the mandalorian protectors there leader is Claymore Vizsla.  77 remembers him from his mission before the Battle of geonsis . 77: I will find a way to use his talents to my team .  77: I will lay a trap for Saber shan as he comes for The boy.  dooku nods and hangs up and 77 sets course for Mustafar .   

Jaking kelborn Chapter 2 Cryo Edit

Meanwhile Jaking is waging a war against the Lost . Jaking lands on the roof of a lost warehouse where a deal is going down between The Lost and The Hutt cartel . Jaking looks in the window as a Twi'lek and A weeqauy . The Twilek opens a  Brief case with a special type of  blaster One that can freeze someone in there tracks. The Weequy pulls up his own brief and opens it .  The Twi'lek grins as he eyes the Credits then he is about to grab then right when a EMP bomb goes off frying the lights the Twileks guard droids and Jaking's gear .  Jaking: Blast ! Jaking rips off his Night vision Goggles and looks though the window as the twi'lek grabs the Frost Gun and starts walking backwards when a shadow figure appears  behind and grabs him by his neck .  The figure snaps the twi'leks neck as The Weequy's guards open fire but The figure Returns fire dropping both of them .  The weequy starts running as The figure activates the frost gun shooting The Weequy freezing him solid . The figure walks and plants something on The Weequy and walks up to the credits . He rips the brief case from the weequys frozen hands breaking his fingers off in the process . The figure looks over the credits then hits a button on his rist activating a his jet boots making him fly though the window almost hitting jaking who was watch with intrest of another person fighting the lost .  The figure flys away into the night and jaking watchs him fly away wondering if he could find him and ask him to help him to fight the lost when a loud beeping noise comes from the device the figure put on the weequy .  Jaking realise the noise and takes off running when the whole warehouse explodes .  Jaking gets carried by the explodsian and he rolls with it and gets up  then he contacts The Resistance.  Jaking: KO I need you to pick me up in three hours i have to follow a lead .  KO beeps a reply and hangs up .  Jaking steals a speedor bike rides it toward a market where lost members have been spotted .  Jaking lands the speedors  and starts walking when he hears a fight in allyway . Jaking listens and hears: why did you attack the warehouse droid ? No answer then the figure again: Very well droid prepare to die Cryo! The man activated a lightsaber which a Sliver  beam glow in the light from it and he held it high about to kill the droid .  Jaking notices the lightsaber and the fact that both of these men where wearing Beskar but that did not stop Jaking from blast the blade out of the mans hand .  Both of the men turn around away from Cryo and looked at jaking surprized .  Jaking: I am impressed that the lost could recuit Vode .  The one who had was using a lightsaber force pull the lightsaber back to him.  Jaking: Wow , I am even more impressed that they recuit a Jetti'mando this is going to be intresting . The figure activates his blade while jaking grabs his custom Shock sticks he had bought a long time ago and charges at The man who is starting to charge as well .  The other one shifts his gloves which activate two knifes in his gauntels and starts to move when Cryo gets up and taps The second man's shoulder .  He turns around and Cryo punchs him right in the Jaw sending back out of the allyway which The first man and jaking had also exited . Cryo's computer activated and scanned The second man . Cryo: Subject known as Daggar Tike of the lost .  He then does the same to The first man . Cryo: Subject known as Justice Tike force user of the lost .  Daggar tike activates his Knifes and started to run toward Cryo as Cryo activated his Cryo freeze gun .  Daggar tried to stab Cryo but Cryo twisted to the side and blasts Daggar's legs freezing them and not able to move .  Daggar is about to activates his Flamethrower to blast his legs free but Cryo blasts both of his arms together .  Justice force pushs jaking into the ground injurying him .  Justice prepares to kill jaking but he heres daggar crying for help and he turns around to find Cryo standing over Daggar .  Justice force pushs Cryo away sending him flying away .  Justice prepares to start walk toward Daggar but Jaking gets up taps Justice's shoulder causing him to twist around to jaking .  Jaking stabs his electrostaffs in justice throat causing him to fall on the ground knocked out cold .  Jaking and Cryo start to meet up when a missle roars across the plaza striking Jaking and Cryo .   Jaking gets up to see a ghost flying in the air.  The who land who was identical to Jango Fett the clone template .  Jaking realises that this man was not Jango fett because he died on Geonsis and the man walked completely different and talk not like jango .  Jaking: you are not Jang'ika and you never will be Di'kut  ! The man open fire scorching a blast mark on his armor but that did stop jaking from tackle him to ground and ripping his helemet off .  The man punched jaking in the face and grabbed his gun and was about to shoot jaking in the head but Cryo got up and fired and Cryo missle freezing the man solid .  Cryo came over and helped him up and they saw that justice and Daggar had escaped .  Jaking: You did a good job Cryo now would you like to  join me in my fight against the lost  ? Cryo: I will help because you Saved my life from Daggar and Justice I owe you . Jaking: Good now my ride is here .  The Resistance flew down and landed .   Jaking grabbed the Fake jangos helemet and then put it on and ran up the ramp of the Resistance along with Cryo they blasted into the night to battle the Lost with Cryo the Infamous former bounty hunter. 

Episode 8: ClaymoreEdit

The Chance exits hyperspace above Mustafar and heads toward the CIS Base .  The ship manvers around The Dread Knight and sends a confirmation code confurming the chance as the chance.  The chance lands a Starpoint base where Agent 77 is waiting for them . The ships landing ramp opens and Claymore Vizsla , Spike , And Issac Grub come down the landing ramp.  Agent 77 bows to Claymore who was the leader and 77 says: Claymore Vizsla we have been expect you . Claymore nods and says: Where is this jedi street rat? 77: He is in the holding cells waiting for you .  Claymore nods again and he his team starts to leave when they realise 77 is not following .  Clay: Expect other guests ? 77 nods: Two senators along with there bodyguards and a squadron of droids and A medic along with a Droid commander and a Jedi Knight with a clone army .  Claymore nods knowing the jedi known as Saber Shan would arrive soon so Claymore could take revenge for his father who died during the last battle of the true mandalorians vs the death Watch.  As Claymore leave Xeye Rax ( from the last chapter ) enters to speak with 77.  Xeye: How do you know that Shan will come ? 77: He is a Jedi he will come to rescue the Street rat and i try to turn him to the Dark side .  Xeye nods and Watchs a cruiser and A CIS senatorial ship land and release there occupants .  Out of The ships came frail nemedian and A skaonian , a TNT Series droid , a Bounty hunter droid by the name of Rook , A droid docter , a Tactical droid and a group of Droid commandos by the name of Belvax squadron , and finally a brand new battle titan droid .  Xeye walks toward the nemedian and the Skaonian and says: Welcome Senator Hemol Eal , and Senator Uyl Yol to starpoint base .  Hemol looks around clearly unimpressed and Uyl Yol ready to get on with matters .  Xeye leads them and there bodyguards to room waiting but agent greets the droids .  77: introduce yourselfs at once. Tactical droid: I am TX-870 leader of Anarchy Legion .  leader of the droid commandos: I am known as Constitene sir of Belvax squadron .  Docter: I am Scare medic of Anarchy Legion.  Titan: I am known as BT-000010 .  77 nods and gives orders : Scare head to cell block 2-0-0-1 to help with the interrogation of The prisoner , Belvax squadron head to the armory , BT-000010 go meet up with IG-92 , And finally TX head to the bridge watch for signs of Republic ships  .  The droids fan out and 77 prepares for Saber shan to come to face him .  Meanwhile The Strafe blazes across hyperspace with Saber shan aboard . Saber had not followed the councils orders of returning to Corusant and Forget about Rex Burner and instead heading for mustafar where Grimlock tracked the Dread knight to .  The Strafe jumps out of hyperspace but instead of Following trap like the last battle The strafe fires all of its missle and torpedos at once to do as much damage possible while to other CIS ships .  With the Captiol ships distracked the Griffen and takes off along with squadrons of torrent fighters to fly toward starpoint base .

The griffen flys toward the starpoint base but encounters Fire and the Starfighters provide coverfire for the griffen .  The griffen unable to land has to do a fly by run and drop of Saber, Thieft , Pryo , Zack , and Icon , along with U8-Ty .  Rescue squad lands along with Saber and U8 . Saber: Ok Rescue you head toward the contral tower and I and U8 will head for the Cell block . Saber and U8 take off running down a Hallway when Saber gets the sense that 77 was near . Saber: U8 head for the cell block I sense that 77 is near i will battle him . U8 beeps a reply and he rolls away as Saber enters a Chamber where he sees 77 tanding with his back to Saber .  Saber walks closer and activates his blade but 77 says: Welcome Old friend .  77 has known he was here and he also contact Claymore of his arrively .  Saber: I am here to Rescue Rex and End your evil. 77: Ha , I find amusing you die for that street rat and I will kill you for your mistake by your own master's lightsaber .  Saber growls and jumps to attack 77 only to be blast by a missle from a unknown asassin . Saber gets up to see A mandalorian in orange armor standing above Saber.  Saber forces push Claymore back only to have him use his Jetpack to catch hiself . Saber runs and jumps while at the same time Activating his lightsaber to kill claymore .  However Claymore activates his Darksaber to block sabers attack . Saber stunned by the appearance of a Darksaber was blast by a missle from Claymore sending him flying through a few walls .  Meanwhile Rescue Squad heads up to the Tower .  They exit to find TX standing there along with a few worker droids .  TX turns around to see them and begins to say: I have forsaw a group of clones commandos attacking me I also known all of your moves .. . . .... . Theift blasts TX's head off sending it flying away and says: Bet you did calculate that . A work droid grabs a blaster pistol from a stand to the side to fire at theift when Zack blasts him in his chest destroying his body .  Then Icon begins to download infomation from a computer to the side and when Theift's comlink starts ringing . Theift activates his comlink to find its U8 .  Theift: Yes U8 ?  U8 tells them about Saber going to Battle  77 and how he is heading for the Cell block. Theift: Thank you for the info U8 I am sending Zack to Meet up with you .  U8 beeps a reply then hangs up . Thieft nods to Zack who nods back then runs and jumps through the window in the front of the Tower .  Zack activates his Wing pack and flys toward the cell block .  Meanwhile in the interrogation cell Rex is being drugged by Dr. Scare and Issac Grub , and Spike .  Scare: Are you ready to join us Youngling ?  Rex drowsy: Never , Saber will come for me I know so . Scare: Dont be so sure... . A explodsian rocks the whole building . Rex: I told you so...... . Rex doses off when a second explodisan rocks the building . Scare: Take him I will head for The Starbird but first I have to get something form the tower . Issac grabs Rex and he along with Spike leave the Room when they encounter a U8 series droid .  Spike: Move droid !  U8 beeps a rudeful reply which sparks a anger in Spike . Spike: Stupid Astromech . Spike raise his blaster rifle when U8 pulls out a small arm. U8 aims for Spike and shoots tar all over his face plate . Spike: I think he fired his circuits ! Issac activates his lightsaber and is about to cut U8 in half when Zack comes crash throught the window and carries on to hit Issac forcing him to drop Rex.  Zack keeps on carring Issac through some wall till they enter the hanger which Claymore and Saber are fighting .  Zack throws Issac on the ground and grabs his pistols to shoot him when Agent 77 force push Zack into the wall .  Meanwhile in The Starpoint's senator room Xeye and Hemol Eal , and Uyl Yol are discussing matter unaware there is a attack happening right outside there door .  Just then three ascenion cables fire into above there windows .  Scope , Fate, and Cutlass ride the Cable right through the windows surpising the Senators .  All three clones open fire but TNT-248  throws the table all of the Senators where sitting at to block the bolts .  Rook return fire at the clones while TNT uses his Electrostaff to block the bolts . Hemol Eal runs out the room Scared but Uyl activates a hidden blast on his rist as Xeye grabs a blaster to fire at the clones while they exit . The clones act like there going to follow them but they dont instead Cutlass activate Starpoint base's Self Destroy . Meanwhile Rex wakes up to find U8 over him . Rex says" Your Saber's droid arent you ? " U8 beeps yes and tells him that he rescued him and that they go to Hurry up and meet up with Saber . Rex gets up and starts run with U8 when IG-92 and BT-000010 .  92 grabs his electro staff while BT swings his giant rocket launcher hands around to aim at U8 and Rex .  Rex feels the force flow around and he reachs out his hand which force pushs IG-92 and BT to the Side of the hall as he and U8 ran past them .  BT and 92 get up start to run after them when Rescue Squad and Fate , Cutlass , and Scope appeared and they blasts some pipes in front of BT, and 92 trapping them .  Thieft: Are you ok Rex burner ? Rex: Yes come on lets find Saber !   Meanwhile Saber is still battling Claymore . Saber gets punched by Claymore in the Face at the same time Saber force push Claymore in the head sending them both flying . Claymore gets up along with Saber . Claymore: You are a worth enemy Saber Shan . Saber shan nods try to catch his breath and find a way to end this battle then he Sees 77 dragging Zack to get excuted .  Saber try to force jump to save Zack but only to get force pushed back by Claymore who has been hiding his Force power well .  Saber lands and says : I had no idea that there where Mandalorian force users . Claymore: I am not the only one fool .  Just then Issac Grub gets up and Force grabs his lightsaber and activates it and charges at Saber.  Agent 77 Activates his own saber but only to get distracked by the arrival of Hemol Eal running for his Ship while Xeye and Uyl along with Rook and TNT run into Xeye ship the Getaway . Xeye yells to 77: The clones and the jedi brat are on there way . Hemol Eal takes off along with The Getaway . Just then Rex burst in along with the clones .  Saber battles Issac and Claymore but is Failing till he Sees Rex and the others come in .  Rex also spys Saber battling them .  Rex takes off running only to be stopped by 77 who jumped in front of them . 77 starts twirling his Lightsaber around to kill Rex but The clones open fire but Fate contacts the griffen which has been battling the dread knights . With 77 distracked Rex sees on 77's belt a second lightsaber and Rex Force grabs it and jumps over 77 to Saber . Rex lands and right away activates 77's second lightsaber and he cuts straight through Issac grubs arm which holding his lightsaber . Issac falls on the ground groaning in pain which distracks Claymore . With Clay distracked Saber and Rex together force push both Clay , and Grub away .  Right then A door opens and BT enter carrying a destroyed worker droid and Scare appears beside him and Spike , and finally 92. Claymore: Spike grab Issac and help him into the Chance and we are leaving .  Spike helps Issac to board the Chance as Claymore and Ig-91 to protect them while BT opens fire with his launchers forcing the Clone to break off from 77 who was starting to get overwell and Saber shan and Rex burner from following Claymore and 92 aboard there ships .  77 jumps high and Runs into his the Red Shadow and takes off while 92 heads into the Firestorm and flys away .  The Chance takes off speeding away  along with the Starbird . Saber and Rex meet up with the clone right when the Base starts to Explode from Cutlass program he planted in the system of base .  Right when the base is about to blow up the Griffen lands and the clones head into it and blast away then base blows up .  The Red shadow along with The Starbird and The Firestorm land in the Dread knight while The Chance jumps away back to Mandalore . The Getaway and Hemol's ship land in the inceptive which both jump to Hyperspace .  Meanwhile aboard the Dread knight Scare takes the Worker droids body to his Lab . Scare takes out its brain module and places it in a protype Droid body code name RESTART .  The Droid eyes open to see Scare. Restart says " Where am I " Scare: You are aboard the Dread knight which is jumping in Hyperspace . Restart: What am I? Scare: You once where a simply work droid now you are Restart and you can have your Revenge .Restart: Revenge ? Scare on the ones who destroyed you . Restart nods then begins to prepare for it .  Meanwhile the griffen lands in The Strafe and Rex burner heads for the bridge . Saber and Rec appears before council .  Master Yoda: Dangerous was it for you to defile the Council's orders . Saber nods knowing this and then says : I had to Rescue Rex Burner for it was my fault that he got captured .  Yoda: But returned to corusant should you have .  Saber: I had to or 77 might have been sucessful in turning Rex Burner to the Darkside .  Yoda stares at saber hard and finally says: Right you where Saber to rescue him. Saber says Then I ask for the Council's approvial to take him as my apprentice as My master took me .  The council discuss this and finally lets Saber take Rex as his apprentice .  Master Windu: With that done you have been assign to find a Senator whos is missing we are send the corridenates of Senator Awaurds last position . Saber nods and hangs up and tells Grimlock to set Course for Senator Awuard last known position .  Saber then takes Rex burner down to the Training course to train him in the force . 

Jaking Kelborn Chapter 3 Kalin Scythe and Gollem Edit

The Resistance docks at hanger Where The Tranquilty is there a Lost Smuggler ship .  Jaking and Cryo sneak around  the boxs to See there target Kalin Scythe a Human smuggler for the Lost and His Partner Gollem a Wookie talking to Cutter (From Chapter One ) Justice Tike and Daggar Tike ( Chapter 2  ) .  Jaking listens to The conversation . Kalin: I am Tired of making Illegal runs Cutter I want out of the Lost .  Gollem growls that  he  to wants out . Cutter: Kalin Kalin you know that no one gets out but one way .  Kalin glares at Cutter and flexs his hands then he tries to go for his blasters but Cutter beats him to the punch by slugging Kalin in the face sending Kalin on the floor Groaning in pain.  Gollem Roars and pulls out his Heavy wookie rifle but Justice force pushs Gollem into a Bulkhead stunning the Big Brute .  Cutter stands above Kalin and Says: I have decide to let you out Kalin Scythe good bye . Cutter grabs his knife that Jaking saw to much of in The civil war on mandalore and prepares to stab Kalin but Jaking steps in by blasting a Rocket at Cutter sending him flyin back but knock out not dead thanks to His mando Armor.  Justice and Daggar turn to see Cryo powering up His Cryo freeze gun and Jaking shooting his Custom Blaster pistols .  Justice activates his Sliver Lightsaber and Daggar activates his Knife in one his gaunlet and a Shield in the other one .  Kalin gets up to run back to his ship as Gollem starts to get up . Just then a missle streakes across the hanger and blows up The Tranquilty .  Kalin: Blast ! Gollem growls to as Fe'rag and a Group of tusken Raiders charge into the hanger .  Fe'rag opens fire at Kalin , and Gollem who have took cover Behind a Group of Boxs .  Cryo blast two Tusken raiders freezing them and Jaking activates his Jetpack blast a tusken Raider in the face with his Flamethrower and Shoots a stun dart in the face of another.  Justice jumps high force pushs Jaking into the Ceiling knocking him out. Cryo shoots one tusken Raider then another with his pistols but soon Fe'rag and Daggar , and Justice over whelm him forcing Cryo down .  Kalin looks at The Mandalorian and Droid who saved his and Gollems lifes .  Gollem growls that they should help them .  Kalin gets up from there hiding spot and grabs his blasters and open fires and Gollem uses his Heavy wookie rifle to mow down three tusken raiders and Kalin Scythe grabs his blasters and shooted  a tusken Raider in the head who had a Rocket launcher and Blasted the Tranquilty .  Justice starts to run at Kalin and with Kalin distracking the other members of the lost Cryo gets up and starts spinning around blasting the tusken raiders killing them . Cutter gets up and charges at Jaking who grabs his Shock staffs and starts battling  Cutter .  Kalin Scythe blasts the last Tusken Raider and Fe'rag notices and Calls out to Justice and Daggar and they notice that Cutter has gone out to battle Jaking .  Just then there comlinks start ringing they answer and hear. Voice: This Captian Maelstrom Forget about Cutter he is a Fool and will get what he deserse but I still need you now LEAVE ! Justice and Daggar lift off and Fe'rag hops in his Speedor and lifts off .  Kalin fires at them but then returns to find Jaking and Cutter are dueling to the death . Cutter slash his knife across jak's helemet and Jaking's shocks  Cutter in the Chest hurting Cutter bad .  Cutter then stabs Jaking in his stomach injurying him bad . Kalin and Gollem along with Cryo begin to intervene but Cutter grabs his grenade and blasts them away .  Jaking is able to grab one of his staff and slams it into Cutter's throat .  Cutter gets shocked and thrown over the Rail which he was behind . Cutter falls and gets impailed by a Radio antenna killing Cutter the ruthless commander of the Death watch .  Jaking gets up and walks toward Kalin and Gollem .  Jaking: I could use People like you how would you like to Join my crew and are war againest the lost? Kalin: Are ship got destroyed in the fight so I and gollem have nowhere to go so yes but only if get to pilot your ship . Jaking smiles and nods and then a few seconds later The Resistance blast away with Kalin Scythe and Gollem . 

Episode 9: PiratesEdit

The Strafe blast through hyperspace along with the Iron and the Golden . Rex burner and Saber Shan , along with Kyl and Grimlock on the bridge watching as the strafe exits hyperspace to see a lone Spaceship floating far out in front of them .  Saber: Admiral Grimlock head for the Golden Sphere myself and Kyl , Rescue Squad , and Scope will ride in the Griffen to catch up to the ship that might belong to senator Awuard .   Saber: Rex head to the Iron and take command.  The clones nod and head out .  The Griffen takes off from the Strafe and flys toward the ship . The Griffen pulls along side the ship and sends a message to it .  Saber over the comlink: Senatorial ship this Jedi Knight Saber Shan prepare to be boarded .  The Griffen's docking tube attachs to the senatorial ship .  Just then a voice filled the air of the Griffen and sayed: Foolish Jedi you have fallen right into my Trap prepare to get attacked by The Lost ! Just then hundreds of pirate ships appear in space.  Then lasers appear cutting open the door .  The floor falls down and The Clones raise there blasters .  The pirates walk in and the first one was a giant brute who was in armor .  Pryo: He's not so big .  The Gaint activates two blades coming out of his arms and starts swing them around .  Pryo: Never Mind .  Then a regular humanoid in armor flew in and activate his blasters and missles aimed for the clones .  after him a Ewok climb the giant and got his shoulder and activated a lightsaber and some Weequys appeared through the door. Then the last pirate entered a blue Skinned duros who appear to be the leader. Duros: Hello hello I am Captain Maelstrom and this be my hearty crew the Lost .  Saber remembers the name from his childhood and how they destroy his home along with Darth Charr and lord Kahn .  Saber grits his teeth and activates his lightsaber .  Zack activates his Wing pack and hovers up .  Kyl charges his blaster Rifle along with Scope .  Theift grabs his two Dc-17bs and aims at the Ewok .  Then everbody exploded in motion .  The Giant jumped high then naybody expect at Saber then the Ewok leaped at thieft .  The flying armored man blasted  Laser Zack wh in turn shot his guns to block it .  Captain Maelstrom started shooting at the clone along with the weequys . Scope shot a weequy who was about to get a clear shot at Icon .  The Weequy fell back and shot a hole in Docking tube which cause some of the Weequys to fly out into space.  Zack flew full force at the armored man which was about to fire lots of missles at the clones knocking both him and Zack into space but still flying thanks to Zack's wing pack and the man's armor they started to battle each other .  The ships fixed the hole and the battle resume in the ship as the battle of ships outside intensifys .

Zack started punching the man but the man grabbed Zack a blasted him the side wounding Zack badily .  Unknown to them they where heading straight for the Lost captial ship the Soundblast .  The man thinks Zack is out for the count fails to notice Zack flex his glove which sends a knife out . Zack slash it across the mans helemet leaving a deep scar and then Zack grabs one his pistols and shoots into the mans power core his chest .  Zack then looks up to see them crash into the Soundblast and they land in a armory but the man keeps on going lands in a room to the side .  Zack gets up to see a group of Devorians charge in a open fire at Zack .  Zack ducks behind a group of boxs but the Man returns from the room in a new armor shiny orange .  He fire a laser at Zack jumps out the way runs into the room he came out of and seals the door .  The armored man and devorians start hitting the door but it will take a while .  Zack looks around to see more armors that belong to The man he also sees that his name is Core .  He sets up a trap for them right when they break through the door .  Zacking jumps to the side and activates his trap . One of the armors activates and blast two of the Devorians and Zack blast the other two .  Core moves his hand in a way which is odd and the armor comes apart and falls to the ground .   Then Core fires a grenade and Zack jumps for cover as the whole armory goes up in flames . Core flies away and head for the Golden Sphere .   Two Republic Arc-20 starfighter fly toward Core . They get on his sides and try to trap him . Core reverse engines sending him flying back out of the arcs sight . Arc pilot: Do you see him Green 9 .  Green 9:  No wait tip your wing .  The arc-20 flys up and the arc pilot sees Core on the bottom of the ship . Core shoots a missle at The ship exploding it .  Then Core pulls out a Knife and cuts open the fuel and throws a grenade in the engine blowing it up .  Core flys to the bridge of the Golden .  Clone officer: ADMIRAL GRIMLOCK DOWN !!!  Grimlock jumps out the way when Core crash through the window sucking out the clone officers and others . Grimlock sees in a reflection of Core scanning around but fails to notice Grimlock . Grimlock Jumps up yells: Hey rust bucket ! Core turns around and prepares to fire a missle when Grimlock Blasts Core with his mini flamethrower in engulfing Core .  Core flys away but before he does he fires a missle into the sphere's engines blowing them up and crippling the ship . Grimlock runs to a Nu-class shuttle taking off and contacts Saber .  Grimlock: General Shan this is Grimlock sir the Sphere has been destroyed and I'm heading for the Strafe .  Saber: Ok, Grimlock the lost are trying to escape order the strafe and The Iron to go after them . Grimlock: Sir yes sir .  Meanwhile Core is reporting to Maelstrom : Sir I have crippled one of there ships I am heading for the Soundblast .  Maelstrom: Good job I am leaving as well .  

 Meanwhile on the Griffen The giant who has been named Kai Aftershock threw his knifes at Saber who force pushed them away . The knifes flew back to kai and then Maelstrom yells: Execute Phase II  . Maelstrom hits a remote which explodes the senatorial ship sucking out all the clones expect Rescue Squad , Scope and Kyl .  Then a pirate gunship pulled along side and Captain Maelstrom and The Ewok known as Hes'Ffun and Kai jumped in and blasted away .  Saber lets go of the rail he was holding on to. He grabs onto the door and hits the close button .  All of the clones fell down along with Saber Shan . Saber: Get us back to The Strafe now ! The Griffen lands and Saber rushs out and to find U8-TY in his Starfighter the Atlas and Saber Contacts Rex .  Saber : Rex hop in your ship and join the battle ! Rex: Already on it Master .  The Atlas flys out to find Rex has destroyed a lost captial ship and is Moving on to the Command ship the soundblast .  The Atlas flys in front of Rex making him angery .  The Atlas and Rex's ship are about to come in Range of the Soundblast when A pirate ship named the Outcast flys behind them and Opens fire blasting The Atlas's wing gets hit sending the Atlas starts to lose control. The Outcast prepares to vaporize The Atlas when Rex fires his proton Torpedos at The Outcast engines forcing it to fall back .  Rex flys beside The Atlas and helps guide it into the Soundblasts docking bay. The Atlas skids to stop along Rex's ship .  Saber hops out and activates his lightsaber and dispatchs a War Droids .  Rex hops out and cuts the head off the other one.  U8 pops out of the Atlas and Rex's droid R1-SR trys to come along to but Saber tells it to Stay put .  Rex: Why don't we take R1 with us and Escape in a Life pod ?  Saber: Because I have a feeling Senator Awuard is onboard .  Rex nods and they take off running along with U8-TY .  They round a corridar when a figure drops down in front of them . Saber and Rex activate there Lightsaber to kill the figure when he says: Wait general Shan ! Saber: Zack?  Zack: Yes sir I have been trapped on this ship sence The armored man Named Core left me here think he killed me. Saber: Ok, do you know where they are keeping Senator Awaurd ? Zack: I think Cell block 1-9-9-7 on level 13 .  Saber: Take us to it .  Zack leads them and they Dispatch any pirate who dared to get in there way .  They eventully get there and they find Cell 1-9-9-7 and they kill the two guards standing there .  Meanwhile in the Cell Senator Zoe Awuard and Her bodyguard Lok Fear hear the noise outside .  There guards also here it and Say in a alien languge: <Deok , Hett are you there ? >  Saber and Rex stab there lightsabers into the Door killing the guards and They walk in .  Saber: I am Jedi knight Saber Shan me and my friends here are here to save you .  Zoe: About Time ! Zoe walks past Saber , Rex, and Zack along with Lok .  Saber looks at Rex and He looks back at the same time they look at Zack who just shrugs and says:  Senators .  Saber and Rex along Zack catch up to Zoe who is walking toward the Turbo Lift . Saber: With all due respect Senator I just saved you . Zoe: So you did lucky you .  Saber feels his angry boil and says: I could of left you here let you be took to Count Dooku and killed !  Zoe turns and glares at Saber and Spats: If you didn't save me the Secrets of Mandalore's alliance with The Seperist ! Rex chuckles how the two where arguing .  Saber glares at Rex who stops .  Saber calls Kyl and says: Kyl I need a Evac the atlas is unable to fly at the moment .  Kyl: Yes sir .  Saber rounds the Corner when he sees A group of pirates racing toward them .  U8 wheeled out from behind the group and activated his laser cutter. U8 aimmed for the wall and cutting  a hole open sending the pirates flying away into space. The ships system seals the hole and The group keeps on running till they hit the hanger where a trap was waiting for them .  Meanwhile on The bridge Captain Maelstrom gets contact by Senator Xeye Rax of The Anarchy Legion .  Xeye: Have you Captured the Jedi and The Senator  ? Maelstrom: they are loose in are ship but I'm about to capture them .  Xeye: How many of there force are left ? Maelstrom: About 2 out of 3 .  Xeye: Leave Now and destroy your ship and the Jedi along with it I need you on Corusant right now to Help Justice and others.  Maelstrom: But Xeye I can capture . Xeye: No do as I command or the agreement is off and The Lost will be Crushed by The Seperist ! Maelstrom: Yes sir . Xeye: Good now do it .  Xeye's image disappears and Maelstrom orders a evacution of the ship without the jedi knowing it .  Maelstrom heads for the engine room and sets it to blow in Five minutes .  Kai Aftershock ,  and Hes'FFun and Maelstrom board there ship the spector and took off along with Three other ships .  Saber and the Group are corner by a group of War Droids when a alarm rings out . Self destruct in Three in and Half minutes .  Zoe gasps but Saber and Rex prepare to defend the group. Just Then a Nu-class shuttle landed and Fired bunch of missles at the droids . The ramp came down and Kyl ran down and blasted a droid who was still active. The group ran up the shuttle and took off right when the soundblast exploded . The shuttle land in the Strafe as the Last of the lost ships jumped to hyperspace .  The Strafe stopped at a republic outpost named Star Flare station above the Planet Hoth .  Saber walked with Senator Zoe Awuard and Lok Fear down the ramp to drop them off .  Zoe stopped a the end of the ramp and told saber: Thank you for saving me Jedi knight Saber . Saber: Anytime Senator .  Zoe smiled and walked and Lok Fear nod at Saber and walked away as Saber walked back up the Strafe .  

Jaking Kelborn Chapter 4 Edit

Jaking , Cryo ,  Gollem , Kalin and KO-8D fought the Lost on many battles on Corusant but the last one was the hardest. Jaking had TBA

Episode 10: Stranded Part 1Edit

On Corusant the Strafe reloads after there the battle with the lost to get a New wing mate which is The Copper a large transport designed for transport not combat to replace The Golden Sphere .  On the bridge of Corusant Saber stands in the bridge watching the New Recuits fresh from kamino walk up the ramp of The Strafe and proceed inside.  Kyl walks up behind saber and says" Sir the Captain of the new flame divison of the 411 legion is here to see you" .  Saber turns round to find a Clone Arc captain in His gear standing next to Kyl who had his helemet off .  Saber says '' So you are Captain Calavary of The Phoenix Company " .  Calavary: Yes sir me and my boys are ready to help you in your fight against Anarchy legion and The Separist .  Saber: Good we just got a Mission any way to head for Ord Mantel the forces there need reinforcements .  Calavary and Kyl nodded and head out .  Saber comlink starts ringing and he picks up To find Master Yoda and The Fame Jedi Master Gal Kin . Yoda says" Saber Not left have you ?" Saber Replys " No Master I am almost finishing load my troopers ." Yoda answers "  Good this is , Master Gal Kin and his padwan Dea HyrdHydra to join you on your attack . "  Saber nods and says " Very Well Master see you soon master."  In less then half an hour a gunship lands in the landing bay and Gal Kin and his apprentice Dea exit to find Saber and Rex waiting for them . Saber speaks " Welcome to the Copper Master Kin and Padwan Dea ."  Kin replys " Are we read to take off it is one and a half rotation to Ord Mantel and we need to leave now  . " Saber answers " Uh... Yes we are already if you would follow me ".  Saber leads Dea , Kin , and Rex through the Copper as it takes off along with The Strafe , and  The Iron .  After the tour and Gal Kin and Dea settle in to there separate courters Saber retires for the trip and heads for His room. Saber falls a sleep but as he is sleeping he has a vision of Ord Mantel .  Saber sees himself running through a base toward Till who is standing ready with A clone trooper at his feet .  Saber remembers the trooper from other missions as Icon a Member of Rescue squad .  Saber of the vision continunes running but A missle flys towards saber sends him flying .  Saber gets up to see Claymore land as Till Decapiates Icon and a Droid of unknown origin along with IG-92 come in pulling Dea and Kin's bodys .  Saber yells no as Till kills Icon and then he jumps high and trys to kill Till. Till shoots lighting out his hand and it hits saber dead on then everthing goes black . Saber awakes and his light saber flys to his hand and he activates it .  Saber looks around the room and To his shock he finds His Master Tyler Forrest standing in his room . Saber speaks warey " Master  ?" Tyler replys " Yes Saber it is I ." Saber whispers " It is not possible ." Saber then is filled with Rage and procalms  " You are a trick by the Dark Side everbody knows that once you join the force you can't come back ." Tyler counters " You are wrong Saber I am really here use The Force and see for yourself ." Saber use the force and finds no Darkside power here but a high amount of light side . Saber speaks " It really is you but how ? "  Tyler replys " You will understand in time but do not tell Master Kin or Master Yoda about me ." Saber Nods but doesn't like keeping secrets from Yoda or Any member of the jedi order.  Tyler finally breask the silence and says " Saber what is about to happen in A few Months cannot be avoid it is the way of the force but always remember that do not lose hope or you will give into the Dark side ." Saber nods not really understanding and then Tyler replys " I must be going now Saber but always remember the Force will be with you always .  Tyler disappears and Saber  hardly believing what he saw gets his robes on and leaves his room .

The Copper drops out of hyperspace above Ord Mantel along with The Iron , Strafe , and about five support ships .  The Dread Knight along with the inceptive , and Three mandalorian class shuttles open fire but the Support ships cover them as The Copper prepares to land .  A gunship lifts off with Saber , Kin , Dea , and Rescue Squad.  Saber watchs as Z-95 Headhunters guard the Gunship while they come under heavy fire . Meanwhile Rex leads The assault on the ground with A group Of SEPHAS , A Battlion of AT-TE , Twenty At-Pts , Four Thousand Clone Troopers , and Five Arc Troopers .  The CIS's forces where Xeye Rax leading the ground forces of Three ATTs , six MTTs , A group Of spider Walkers , a dozen Hailfire droids ,  Ten Thousand battle droids , 5 hundred Super Battle droids , and Two Dozen STAPS .  Rex charged and dispatched five droids as Kyl who was following right behind him blast six more down .  Fate and Cutlass stand on a rock and fired at a group of STAPS .  Fate speaks "  How many have you shot down  ?  " Cutlass answers  "  eight . " Fate laughs " Your slowing down in your old age .  " Cutlass rolls his eyes under his helemet while he shoots down another STAP .  Meanwhile the gunship comes in for a stop at the main anarcky Legion Base .  Gal and Dea jump off onto the roof and through the air shaft .  Saber wonders if his vision would come true as the gunship come in for a landing . The gunship lands and Saber , runs out and activates his lightsaber slice it  through a B1 battle droid as it goes " Uh Oh ." Saber runs with Rescue Squad into a room which Saber remembers from his vision .  Icon speaks " The control Panel is right there ." Icon takes off runing right when Saber feels Till enters the room .  Saber yells " No it's a Trap !" Till steps in front of the panel and shoots lighting at Icon sending him flying backwards into the wall .  Theift grabs his two DC-17bs and opens fire at Till while Zack takes off running and then activates his jetpack.  Pryo prepares to fire a grenade as he notices A Anarcky legion officer enters the Room with a squad of Commando Droids .  The Officer speaks " Belvax Squadron attack !" They Reply " SIR YES SIR Rok Colt."  The one who appears to be the leader grabs two Blasters and opens fire at Pryo who rolls to the side as he yells to Zack who just notice the droids to dive bomb them. Zack flys down and activates four grenades and throws but one of the Commando droid activates a shields deflects the grenades away .  One with a large arm punchs a button his rist activating a small probe . The probe flys after Zack and then opens fire with a small blaster on it's underside. Zack flys around the room as the final commando droid charges at Pryo with a Vibrosword barely missing Pryo who starts running as the leader and The one with shield reopen fire on Pryo .  Meanwhile Gal Kin , and his padwan enter the main power station .  They sneak across the walkways till they find Two B2s guard battle droid engineer .  Gal jumps out in the open to distrack the Two Supers . They open fire as Dea force jumps from the Shadows and cuts down the Two .  The two droids bodys fall apart from the Cut through there midsection as the jedi advance on the Engineer . Engineer speaks " Please don't deactivate me ." He reachs behind him without the jedi knowing and sends a signal the reinforcements . Dea slice through the droid and moves to the control panel .  She quickly deactivates the power and speaks " All done Master .. .. ." The Power turns back on as The door on the far side opens . A cloak figure walks in with a vibrosword and moves toward the Jedi . Gal demands " How Are You ?"  Cloak figure replys it a metallic voice " I am The Future for I am the jedi's Restart and I will kill all Jedi and andbody who gets in my Way." Restart activates his Vibrosword and charges at Gal who Force push him back . The two enter a duel while Dea prepares to enter when BT-000010 enters and opens fire on Dea .  Dea blocks to of the bolts but is sent flying from a rocket . Meanwhile Gal kin is showing no mercy .  Gal lunges at Restart who is strangely just dodge it .  Gal reverse his grip on his blade and trys to stab Restart but only manages to send Restart's Sword flying away from him .  Gal brings his blade down on Restart but he grabs Gal's arm and stops his attack stone cold . Restart speaks " You where trained by Master Plo Koon you are using form 4 as your main defense .  Gal gasps " How did you know that ? "  Restart answers " I am designed to see what form jedi masters or knights use from that I can find what jedi master taught them ." Restart then forces Gal to let go of his lightsaber sending it across the floor and then the two start fighting in hand to hand combat .   A few Feet away Dea is dodge or / and Reflecting bolts or missle back at BT-000010 .  BT-10 is unrelenting till he realise that his missle have been being deflect not back at him but above him onpurpose which leads to him looking up to find Dea force pushing a pipe down on BT .  Dea turns around to  find Gal getting beat by Restart and about to get killed by getting his face caved in . Dea hurls a force push at Restart sending him flying back . Dea jumps infront of Restart and is about to bring her Ligtsaber down him when she feels a tap on the shoulder .  She turns around to get a metal fist in her face sending her flying a few steps back .  With her head spinning she looks to find a New Super Tactical droid standing there. She spits out some blood from her mouth then charges at the new enemy who steps to the side and punchs her in the stomach . She doubles over when Gal jumps high and use the force to grab Dea's Lightsaber and then he Stabs the Tactical Droid in the stomach .  The Droid limps to the Ground as Gal prepares to Stab the droid when Restart jumps and kicks Gal in the back sending him back .   Gal looks up at Restart and then sees His lightsaber a Few meters away and prepares to summon it but Restart puts hand out and The Lightsaber flys to him .  Gal gasps " It Can't be a Droid who can use the force  ?" Restart answers " It is simply magenetism . "  Restart activates the Lightsaber and trys to stab him but Gal blocks it with Dea's blade and the two enage in a duel."A few feet away Dea wakes up to find that Gal is about to kill Restart but IG-92 jumps up behind Gal and grabs his two Electro staffs and stabs Gal in the back forcing him down . Restart stabs his Saber through Gal's Back killing him . Dea crys out " Noooooooo! " Dea gets up and grabs Her blade back and yells "  Your going to die Droi- ."  Restart uses his magnetism and lifts his Vibro Sword up brings it toward him and it stabs Dea through the Back and out the front. " Dea looks down in horror and then falls down dead . Restart helps Bt and The Tactical droid known as MF-2000 to Docter Scare and then they carry the bodys off the jedi off toward Agent 77. Meanwhile Pryo and Zacking along with Theift are engage the Belvax squad and they follow Saber and 77 who's duels lead them out to the hanger .  Saber strikes at 77 knocking him off Balance and is about to Kill 77 when Saber looks up to see Tyler standing there and shakes his head No . Right then Time starts back up and right when Saber A missle screams through and hits Saber in his back sending him away from 77 and the clones .  Saber looks up to find Claymore landing and helping Till up and then aiming his Blast at Saber . Thieft yells no and runs to Help Saber but Rok Colt appears behind him and knocks him out .  Pryo and Icon keep on firing as Till unleash lighting on Icon. Pryo realises that the battle is lost and yells to Zack " Get out of here Zack get help ." Zack nods and flys out the hanger .  Pryo switch his Deece to Rapid Fire and yells " FOR THE REPUBLIC ."  He shoots down when Claymore lifts up Pryo with the force and throws him toward a pillar knocking him out . Saber looks up to find his vision coming true .  Restart and IG drag Dea , and Kin in as Till goes behind Icon and activates his Lightsaber and prepares to decapitate Icon and Saber refuse to let it happend .  Saber jumps high but Claymore shoots him with his gun set to stun as belvax Squadron does the same .  Saber falls down about to doze off as he sees Till bring his blade then everthing goes black .

Till walks up to Claymore and asks  " Have your troops engage the enemy ? "  Claymore answers " They and the Weapons are just arriving  .  " Till grins a Evil smile and Orders  Belvax squadron to purse Zack .  Constantine the leader of belvax nods  and leads Belvax squadron to two Droid Gunships . They take off and fly hard to find Zack think he has gotten away find out he has not .  The gunships open fire and peirce his wing pack forcing him down .  They prepare to execute him when a figure appears from the tree line and fires two Grenades destroying the gunship and forcing belvax squadron down .  The one with the sword looks around for the enemy to get a bullet in the head .  The one with probe sends it out but when it comes back the droid fails to notice a grenade on its back and the droid retracks it into it arm and then after a few seconds explodes .  Constantine and The one with the shield circle around to see what there enemy has plan . Constantine speaks " Be on alert Riot we dont know who we are fightin- ." Constantine looks to see Riot a few feet away with A least a dozen scar across his Face and  Body . Constantine slow backs up till he hits a figure .  He turns around to get his  head grabbed by a glove and then slammed into a tree . Constantine trys desparately to get out as the figure unloads a clip from his Deece . The figure sees Zack and carrys him back to his cave . Meanwhile Rex appears to be winning the battle .  Rex cuts down a few droid to spot Xeye Rax in his AAT leading the assault .  Xeye also spots Rex and opens fire on him which leads Rex to dodge all of them and then jumps up the tank to Xeye .  Rex speaks " surrender Xeye you Son Of a Nerf herder . " Xeye replys " Didn't your mother  teach you not to speak that way ." Rex glares at Xeye and then raises his Blade to Xeye's throat .   Xeye speaks nervously " Ah I surrender ." A loud voice fills the air drawing eyes to the sky by saying " I woundn't be so hastly Xeye if I was you .  " A mandalorian shuttle appears and opens fire sending Rex in a retreat but at the same time damaging Xeye's tank .  Spike Appears and dozens of Mandos fly in along with droids gunships destroy the clones tanks .  Kyl yells to Rex who is lying on the ground  " Come on Kid get out of there !   "  Rex takes off running as Kyl notices Fate defending one of the last walkers and he yells to Fate  " Fate fall back  ! " Fate sees Kyl but then sees a gunship on fire heading straight for hiself .  The gunship hits the walker exploding it and fate is Engulfed in it .  Kyl yells " FATE !!!!!" Scope sees as well and runs behind Kyl and searchs the rumble till the find Fate under a large piece of the Gunship .  Kyl picks up Fate all blood his helemet half destroyed and Both hos legs missing and one his arms is gone as well .  His last arm is Barely hanging on as Kyl runs with him and scope providing cover fire.  They reach the last stand as Rex finish contacting Grimlock .  Rex asks " What now ." Kyl answers "We hold up here till the gunships arrive ."  Just then a group of Republic gunships fly over head toward the droid army and unleashs a mist engulfing the Droid army and the gunships .   A second Group of ships appear and unleashs flamethrower on the army engulf them .  Xeye sees the flame and prepares for the end when Spike pulls him up and takes him back to Base .  A gunship lands a Sergant Zesh appears and yells get on aboard .  Kyl holding Fate enters it along with The ramaining takes off and lands in the Strafe as it jumsp to hyperspace .   Rex looks out the window wondering the Fate of his Master as he returns to Corusant for help .  Meanwhile Zack awakes to find a Man in republic commando gear looking over him .  Zack ask "  Who are you ? " Man answers " I am Republic Commando Eagle I was abandoned hear during the Last republic battle Zack ." Zack gasp " Eagle I thought you where report dead ." Zack looks out the cave to see no Republic ships above in orbit .  Eagle speaks "  You have been abandoned Zack by the Republic . "  Zack strikes  " No you are wrong . " Zack also speaks " I need to get back in the Anarchy base. "  Eagle replys " I will help you rescue Saber Shan and the rest of your Team and I think we Can use the commando droid but we will need help." Zack answers  " I think I know somebody ." Zack uses a Battery from Droidship to contact the person .  Zack speaks  " Sergant Jaking are you there ?" Jaking answers static " Yes Zack'ika whats the Matter ."  Zack speaks " I am stranded on Ord Mantel."  Jak replys "On my way ." Zack hangs up as Eagle gets to work on Constantine and Belvax Squadron. 

Episode 11: Stranded Part 2Edit

"Wakey wakey Jedi Scum ".  Sabers eyes pop open to find 77 , and Dr. Scare  are above him  testing on him . Saber starts struggling to find he is strapped to a table and he finds many I.Vs coming out from Sabers arms and legs .   Saber looks around the room to find two test tubes of His blood lay out out on a table next to them .   77 tells Scare to start the test .  Saber notices a probe come done from the ceiling and a electricity comes out of it and electrocutes Him and knocks him back unconisence . 77 asks Scare "  Will the blood be suitiable for Project Hyperprime and for the partner for there project Elite ?" Scare answers with "  Yes the Blood is compatable for Cloning  ."    77 grins and says " Good have Lieutiant OOM-234  , Ig-92 , and Restart to deliever the Second Blood sample to the partner .  "   Scare nods and leaves to find 92 . Meanwhile Eagle has just finished reprogramming the Belvax Squadron .  Eagle speaks to them and says  " Hello troops I am Repubic Commando Eagle and this Republic commando Zack ; You are going to help Us break into the Anarchy Legion base . "   Belvax Squadron answers with "  Sir Yes sir Commander Eagle."  Eagle then goes "  Now introduce yourselfs . "  Constantine speaks "  I am Constantine the leader of Belvax ." the one with the Sword speaks " Name is Chop Chop I like chopping stuff .   The one with the probe speaks  " I am Swat the squads Spy ."  Finally the last one introduces hiself as " Riot the one with the shield . "  As soon as they finish introducing there selfs they hear a ship fly over .  Zack says "  I'll check it out ."  Zack looks out then Yells " It's Sergant kelborn !"  Eagle walks to meet up with Jaking Kelborn who is walking down the Ramp of A YT-1200 .  Jaking says " Zac'ika , Eag'ika its good to see you guys in good health now what can I do ?" Zack replys " We have reprogramed these Commando droids to help rescue Pryo , Theift, and General Shan . "  Jaking eyes widen and he asks " Saber Shan ? "  Zack " answer with " Yes sir ." Jaking experission goes blank as He remembers back to when he fought Darth Charr and tried to protect Saber and he failed [ Chapter 1].   Jaking says after he was done day dreaming "  I can help you with bodys ." Kalin Scythe , C-24 Highsinger , Ko-8d , Shadow Blade, and Gollem walk out of the Ship .  Eagle speaks " We got enough Body but I think I got another Idea ."  Eagle looks out toward the Down gunship that he blasted early .

  The droid gunship lands in the main Anarchy Legion base as 77 and Rok Colt meet them .  77 notice this gunship is unique because it could hold Passenagers . The ramp lows and Constantine leads Eagle and Zack hand cuffed flanked by Swat , Riot ,  and Chop Chop .  Constantine speaks  " Sir we have captured the Clone after he led us to the other one . "  77 speaks "  Very good we will lead you to the Cell block. " 77 leads The group to the cell  block meanwhile The resistance cloaked  flys along the side off the Base till it comes across a Side entrance to the base .  A darksaber cuts through the door and Shadow Blade with his Darksaber and His Automatic Rifle step through as with Jaking swing his Shock Sticks around , Gollem holding his heavy wookie Rifle , Kalin with One his Blaster , and his familys Vibro Blade , Cryo with His heavy Blaster and His Cryo freeze gun , And KO-8D armed with his built in Plasma Thrower , and His Blaster built in two .  Jaking says "  Cryo you are with me  we are going to head down this Hall ; Kal , and     Big G head down the The second hall ;  Shadow Blade and KO-8D head down the finally hall we meet up at the cell blocks to spring the attack ." Everbody nods and then they take off running down the halls . Jaking and Cryo run down the hall and they encounter a B1 droid who says " Hey you aren't supposed to be her--Ah." Cryo freezes him and they continue to there destiation .   Pryo looks out to find 77 leading  the droids , Rok , and the clones .  Pryo says " So you got captured to ." Zack speaks " Yeah kind like the Battle Of Mustafar [Chapter 8] ." Pryo face looks puzzled because they won the battle of Mustafar and he realise that Zack , and The other clone wern't really hand cuffed . Then one of the droid noded at Pryo to indicate that he was on his side. Pryo told Thieft the news while They pass Saber who notices them and Zack nods at Saber who reads his mind to find out the plan then Saber nods his head to .  Right when the clones where about to be put in there cells the power is shut down by KO-8D .  Constantine hands here weapons and when the lights come back on to 77 finds Eagle with his Deece pointed at 77 . He blocks it with his double blade while Zack runs to help Saber who is trying to get up but is really weak and Zack helps Saber walk . Saber leaves to find Chop Chop , and Riot handing Thieft , and Pryo weapons . Constantine is fighting Rok Colt in hand to hand combat . Rok says "  I am your commander you follow my commands !" Constantine replys " NOT ANYMORE !"  Constantine grabs his two blasters and blasts Rok Colt in the stomach killing him .  Constantine looks up to see Belvax Squadron fighting the newly arrived BT-000010 who is fiercely fighting .  Constantine goes to up help as 77 knocks Eagle down and then is about to kill him .  Just Then Jaking Kelborn walks through the Blast door to and electrocutes 77 forcing him to the ground Eagle gets up as Cryo and Gollem comes and helps Eagle up . Then they cover for the others as they escape MF comes in and attacks Eagle who throws a Grenade on the wall then he throws Mf toward the Grenade and it explodes burning MF's half of his Face .  BT notices and throws the droids out of the way and Grabs MF and runs through a blast through a Wall and then jumps down into the Hanger as Docter Scare is about to board the Kraken a new ship . BT is about to board when Shadow Blade and Ko-8D come in and open fire when but they are to late the Kraken take off toward the Inceptive .  Jaking and Eagle leads the group [except Saber who went back to the Resistance and KO, Shadow Blade]  chasing after 77 to the hanger where 77 activates three droid gunship which take off and when they come in the gunships open fire sending them for cover as 77 takes off in the Red Shadow .  Right when the gunship is about to blast Jaking when Shadow Blade in the stolen Droid Gunship blast two of the gunships and Saber and KO in The Resistance destroy the Gunship .  The Resistance lands and the good guys enter the ship and they take off away from the base then they jump to A Republic space station Black Flare . 

Episode 12: Brothers In Arms Are Brothers for lifeEdit

Saber laided asleep on the medic bed as Jaking watched . He began to remember back to the attack on Saber's Village [Chapter 1] . He remember the guilt he felt that he failed and how Ren Keb helped him find Jango Fett's invitation to become a Cul Ver Dar [ Meaning Does who no longer exist] and train Clone Commandos such as Thieft ,Pryo, Zack, and the newest member Eagle ,Also there was Icon ; Poor Old Icon He was excuted by Till Hito aka Agent 77 during the second battle of Ord Mantel . All of these members had there own squads at one point all of them died and they where the last members now they are Rescue Squad . Just then Shadow walked in spoke breaking Jaking's out of his thought" I am Sorry to bother you Sergant Kelborn but I am Leaving ." Jaking stood up and replies " Ok Why Blade?" Shadow answers with" You saved me from The Lost and I repaid you by helping you send them off Coursant now however you have join the GAR but I can't I took A vow to never serve the republic again ." Jaking stood there for a few seconds then spoke " Very Well but where will you go ?" Shadow answers " To my old Drill Sergant Prudii Talo ." Jaking tenses for a second then says " Fine but I will help you find him ." Jaking looks at Saber one last time and then walks out the door . He heads to his courters to contact Prudii Talo who he has not contact snece the first battle of geonsis. Prudeii picks with his DC-15 in hand and his pet Anooba named Shift which Jaking almost catched on fire with his flamethrower when the dog tried to attack Kyl , Cutlass , and Scope along with there four other brothers that are stationed elsewhere right now . Prudeii speaks " Well Jaking you look like death rose over." Jaking replys " You look like osik too." Prudii answers with" Well you haven't been running across all of Dantoonie. " Just then a noise fills the air then a bunch of shout fill the air and Prudeii hears and then opens fire killing a whole bunch till a Asssassin droid enters and knock both Prudeii and Shift out . Jaking yells " PRUDII !" Then the line goes dead . Jaking looks at the ground then knows what he has to do then he goes to the armory to find Cryo reloading his heavy blaster . Cryo turns around as Jaking enters and Cryo speaks " Master one of these pitful Meat Bags wish for me to shut down while you aren't around so I frozen him with freeze gun ." Jaking replys " He's not dead is he ?" Cryo answers " No Master like you requested." Jaking smiles and says " Good now I need you to watch Saber till I return . Cryo speaks " Yes Master ." Jaking went to the Crew courters to Find Kyl , Scope , Sergant Zesh of the phoenix company , Outrageous a pilot known also as Green 3 , Mix a medic who works with Zesh and Rex Burner playing Grav-ball and Rex and Mix where winning . They all stopped as Jaking came in . Even Rex Burner who was a commander came to attention at the sight of the man . Jaking spoke " At easy now I have a mission troops; Former Sergant Talo has been captured on Dantioone now me and Shadowblade are going to find him anybody else to join us stand up now." The whole room stands up along with Rex Burner . Jaking says " Good now everbody we need a transport The Retatilate won't fit all of us." Kyl speaks " Sarge I have a ship if you would follow me ." Kyl leads them into the hanger to find a new Stealth ship [the same verison Anakin Skywalker used to kill General Tarfful ] Kyl speaks " Gaze upon The Griffen II it can hold A twenty-four and has Eight rooms , six torpedos,Ten Cannons, and we can go to stealth for as long as we want." Jaking speaks" Good job Ky'ika

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Episode 25: Origin of Cam Eron and Warren LightbendorEdit

This is the story of two brothers origins .  Here is how it beings  .   Balshazzer Saber was Great Jedi Master who lived during The Galatic Civil war between the Empire and The Republic .   Balshazzer was walk the main temple hall way when he saw Master Zallow walking up to him .   Balshazzer speaks  " Master Zallow how may I help you . "  Zallow answers  " We have spotted what appeasr to be a sith approaching the temple entrance it could be Darth malgus . " Balshazzer replys "  Then lets go !"  Balshazzer follows Zallow along with Four other jedi knights .  "  They enter the room as The figure enters the temple with a twi'lek carrying blasters .  The figure stops half way in as Zallow meets up with him .  Balshazzer catchs up to Zallow who is studying the figure who lifts up his hood to meet Zallows gaze .  It is indeed Malgus with his bald head and his pale almost like corpse skin and his resparator to use after Satele Shan force pushed him into a mountian almost killing him .  After a few second of stand to see who would attack first Malgus's watch starts ringing leading to Bal activating his Yellow Lightsaber along with the other knights .  Balshazzer notice a Republic Gullyjumper in bound a realise Malgus plan right when its crash through the temple gates .  It comes to a rest but a small grenade goes off blowing the side of the down away .  Then Lord Adraas steps out and activates his Lightsaber and leads the way with 50 sith following close behind him .  malgus joins the onslaught as Zallow leads the jedi .  Bal kills a Sith who force jumped at him by cutting him in half .  Bal then continues killing sith to a big sith brute charges at him push him into a Rail almost killing him .  The brute then grabs his two sabers and is about to kill Bal when three bolts fly into the sith backing instantly killing him .  Bal looks up to find Lorie in her Soldier gear who is secretly his wife .   Lorie helps Bal to his feet but Bal notices two rockets flying toward them .   Bal grabs his wife and jumps over the railing using the force to soften there landing .  Barely having time to breath Bal use the force to protect them as rumble falls toward them .  A few hours later Balshazzer force lift the Rumble off of them .  Bal ask his wife " Are you ok ?" Lorie answers " Yes lets see if the battles over . " She sends a probe up to find sith planting bombs to blow the temple. Lorie speaks " The battles over the Sith won and Zallow is dead .  " Bal replys "  Then we need to leave now ." Bal leads Lorie through the temple to find a Sith shuttle landing .  Bal replys " Take them out quietly ."   Lorie sneaks around the corner and fires her rifle killing Two Troopers .   The sith who came from the shuttle prepares to charge at Lor but Bal jumps down from there hiding spot and  Decapiate the sith .  They hop on the shuttle and slip through the blockade of sith ships and head for Tatioone Bal's homeworld .   Bal and Lorie get married and have two Children Named Warren Lightbendor Saber and Cam Eron Saber .   Bal keeps secret from his Children Of The jedi , The war , And his force powers .  At a early age Warren and Cam start showing signs that they where forcesensetive but Bal still keep it a secret .  

One day fifteen years later . It seemed like a normal day Cam and Warren went to The market in Mos Tipla a few Klicks away on there speeder bikes.  They got a few Grocerys that head back unaware four Sith lords follow them back . Cam and War park the bikes while the sith park a mile away a nice walk to the house .  Cam and War quickly put the grocerys away .  There mom asks  " Can you guys go and clean your rooms .  "  Cam and War both speak " Do we have to ? "  Lorie speaks "  Ugh . " She leaves as the boys start reading there holobooks when they hear a Knock at the door .  Cam Eron goes to answer it but War says  " We should go get Dad . " Cam replys " It will be fine ."  Cam opens the door to see the Black cloaked figures .  Cam gulps and speaks nerviously "  Ah May I help you ?" Lead figure answers " Does Balshazzer Saber live here ?" Cam answer   " Yes may I help you ."  The Figure's look hardens and trys to reach in but Warren hit the side switch and closes the door .  Cam speaks  " That was clos- . "  A red blade came through the door and prepares to open the door .  War runs to his dad as runs to hide .  The door comes through as the figures comes in.  The Leader looks around the room for Cam till he spots him behind the Kitchen .  One of the figure head for the kitchen but Balshazzer leaps from the Hallway activates his lightsaber then kills the Figure . Bal turns around to attack the other figures when the leader raises his hand sending Bal through a Wall to the outside .  Bal gets up but he is wounded and Bloody .   A figure goes down the hallway to get shot by Warren who has a blaster Warren continues firing but Get force push away toward Bal .  The leader and the last figure march towards Balshazzer and Warren .  Cam gets up to find his mom by him and tells "  Cam head to cellar and hit the button we tell you never to push .  Cam nods as Lorie covers Cam while he gets in the cellar to and hits the button to find A shuttle there Cam hops in and remember back to when he was being trained by His dad to pilot his Bike .  Cam takes off and comes up through a hidden entrance to find Warren and his Dad about to be killed by the leader and Lorie about to be corner by the other figure .   Cam fires the shuttle weapons sending the Leader retreating .   Bal yells to Warren "  Get on the shuttle !" Warren nods and takes off running as the shuttles ramp lowers .  He boards the shuttle and gets to the bridge to See Bal dueling the Leader .  Bal slash the Leaders  lightsaber away but The leader grabs a grenade from his belt .  Balshazzer uses the force to protect hiself from the blast but Instead of throwing at Bal he threw at Lorie and the other figure .   Balshazzer use the force to run fast but is to late and the explodsian engulfs the house Lorie , the figure , And Bal .  Warren screams out " NOO! "  Cam gets angry and opens fire on the Leader who runs behind a rock to take cover .   The shuttle lifts away but The leader jumps into the shuttle unknown to The brothers .  After they leave the atmosphere Cam speaks " Where will we go?" War speaks  " I don-." The Leader opens the airlock and  surpise attacks the brothers .   Warren grabs his vibrosword and battles the Leader .  Cam trys to continue fly but after War dodges it and it hits the Nav Computer sending the ship into Hyperspace .  Cam trys to regain control and turns off the hyperspace above Hoth where a battle is happening .  A unknown ship is Attacking a couple of empire ships .  One of the unknown ship's bolts hits the shuttles sending it out of control .  The ships starts spinning toward Hoth .  The leader pushs Warren away then he hops in a Escape pod and blasts away .  War not caring that the Leader got away runs to the bridge . Cam replys  " I can't the control the ships controls .  "  Warren yells "  Watch ou-!" The shuttle hits a ice glacier .  The shuttle comes to a halt and knocks the brothers out for thousands of years and however the shuttle freezes over but the brothers remain knocked out and young as the years go by...... .   Present day 20 BBY .  a light shines in as sombody use a lifhtsaberr to cut the Roof open A figure drops down and walks toward the bridge to find the brothers. The figure yells  "  Kad you need to see this!  " A figure in Dark Orange Winter armor walks in and sees the brothers .  Kad speaks  "  Lets get them out of here Eagle these two out they have been here long enough . " 

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