The Systematic


Chancellor Dex Bolt (Formerly)

Grand Master Saber Nexus

Chancellor Xeeu'Manjolok'Dengarhukk
The Systematic Army (formerly)

The Systematic Marines

The Systematic Navy

The Systematic A.D.K
Other Planets
Chiss Ascendary

Onderan Militia

Order of Knights

Jedi Pirates

The Wookie Company

Mandalorian Spartians
Supreme Commander
Devon Yosis
Galactic Senate
Senator Zatt Farr

Princess Zena

Mandalore The Revert

Senator Adam Phoenix

Senator Connor Dooku

Senator Ares Clovis
General: Bail Gordon

Commander: Gregor Farr

Former Colonel: Nicholas Wade

Former General:Kalin Scythe

Former General:Besany Turmond

Former General:Flare Sadow

Former Jedi/General:Sarah War
In the memory of the Republic we form this Systematic to serve Justice to serve the Galaxy and Defeat Emperor Exodus and the Sith. This Systematic lives for Hope that peace can one day be achieved. We know very well that all of use might die but we fight for the Future of the average child that they may hope for tomorrow to arrive and that he is life is significant and that he is not worthless! Evil will always be apart of the galaxy and it will never be truly destroyed It seeks into a crack of the purest individual but one can turn from his ways We all know this! And for these reason we fight and die for Hope and Justice!
– Chancellor Dexter Bolt

Formation Of The SystematicEdit

Third Galactic WarEdit

Virus WarEdit

Making AlliesEdit

Blood WarEdit

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