Warren Lightbender

Warren Lightbender
Biographical infomation
Homeworld tatioone
Birth n/a
Died N/A
Species Kage
physical infomation
Height 1.8 meters
Gender Male
eye Color Browb
Hair color Black
Armament Rist-Gloves,beskar,Lightsabers,Cloak,Flamethrower,Dc-15a
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Rise of the Empire era

  • Grey knight


Warren lightbender was born during the old republic era and he was force senseitive but his parents keeped the jedi or sith from find him and his brother sence The great galatic war was going on. 5 years later his brother Cam eron was born . he was 21 years old and about to become a smuggler when his parents died by a sith apprentice. He came back to cam in a stolen Dynamic-class freighter and they both sought for revenge against the sith they track him to the hoth system where they found him they touched and found the space port where his shuttle was at and cam took contral of the ship so the imperials could not come to the rescue of the sith. They pilot to the main planet of the system where a two unidentified battleships battle imperial forces. They later met Kad kelborn and jawas Adam utinni his brother Wilson utinni and the assassin droid C-24 Highsinger